1xbet AdvancedBet and its nuances

The 1xbet AdvancedBet (advance, advance, credit) is an opportunity to “borrow” from a bookmaker from unsettled transactions hanging in history. Roughly speaking, on September 28, 2019, you made 3 bets for a total of 10,000 rubles. On October 1, 2019, they decided to sign another deal, but found no funds in the account: past rates have not yet been calculated. I want to make a new bet, but there is no desire to bother with the next replenishment of accounts / funds. Actually, in this case, the client can request a AdvancedBet. But the bookmaker will charge the account not 10,000 rubles, but only part. For example 3,000, 2,003, 4,339, 5,988, 6,000, 5,321 and so on.

WARNING! That is, it still turns out that the administration does not charge you for your account. There is a “spin” of the player’s funds.

In the instructions posted on YouTube in video format, we have already tried to understand the essence and subtleties of earnings. Be sure to review the material and step-by-step instructions to remove up to 90% of the questions.

  1. What is the 1xbet AdvancedBet and how is it used?
  2. Where is the confidence rate in 1xbet and how to request an advance?
  3. Can the administration refuse to provide this bonus?
  4. If you need a 1xbet download AdvancedBet, how to make it on an express, system or ordinary?
  5. What rules and technical aspects should a better consider?
  6. Will the 1xbet AdvancedBet be profitable? What is the payment for it?
  7. What feedback do players leave? Are they satisfied with the terms of advances?

ADVANCEBET bonus 1xBet

The administration of a foreign company almost immediately declares: the specified program of support of players is not credit! That is, BC will not distribute its money. Will not be 1 x bet and withdraw extra% from you. The company’s earnings are based on other principles. So how do you use player advances?

What is the 1xbet AdvancedBet and how is it used?

The onexbet AdvancedBet is an opportunity to receive a part of the amount of transactions affixed and hanging in the history right here and right now. That is, the bookmaker seems to make an early payment. You can request the service only if the client has “hanging” rates in history (and these transactions are not calculated!).

If you try to take a AdvancedBet immediately after registering an account, the system will show “0”. That is, nothing is available. The number of requests per day / day is not limited. The client can see the available funds in different ways:

  • through the official website 1xbet;
  • using the mobile version (mobile, mobile);
  • through the Java application (there is even one, but it is not supported today);
  • using a program for laptops and personal computers;
  • through the app on Android / iOS and so on.

WARNING! In a foreign company onexbet, the confidence rate is considered primarily as a nice bonus. It is not necessary to think that on the basis of advances it will be possible to build strategy of earnings. And you certainly do not need to hope that you will take the money BC, turn over several times and withdraw to a bank card or e-wallet.

Where is the confidence rate in 1xbet and how to request an advance?

Where is the AdvancedBet
Where is the 1xbet AdvancedBet

In the coupon. If you place an online bet in 1 click, nothing will work. If you are thinking of finding an option in your account, there will also be difficulties. The step-by-step instructions look like this:

  • go to a site owned by a foreign bookmaker https://1xbet.com/;
  • select the “Coupon” section in the right corner (to open it, you need to add here at least one event by clicking on the coefficient);
  • see at the bottom of the menu “Available Advance” and click “Refresh”;
  • find the amount that the administration of a foreign BC is ready to give to the better right here and right now;
  • we agree with the specified amount of the advance or refuse it.

WARNING! The rules on https://1xbet.com/bonus/rules/doverie/ explicitly state that the customer cannot request a change in the amount. That is, either agree to the provided 100 rubles (conditionally), or enter into an online agreement for real money.

Can the administration refuse to provide this bonus?

If you want to study the terms of the promotional offer in more detail and detail, you should use one of the menus:

  • click on the “Bonuses” button and go to the page, and then select the AdvancedBet in the list of available options;
  • click on the “Rules” menu, then select section 4.6 and go to page 4.

In principle, the content of information there and there +/- is the same. Don’t forget to re-read the terms to get rid of standard style issues:

  • why the bookmaker does not pay the amount of profit at confidence rates;
  • how much money you can earn maximum and minimum;
  • how long to wait for the accrual of income;
  • what to do with errors in the line and so on.

ADVANCEBET trust bet
AdvancedBet in onexbet

WARNING! The main thing you need to remember / know / take into account – a foreign company may refuse to pay. That is, the bookmaker at its discretion or gives a bonus, or does not give. It is impossible to argue about this. It’s just useless. It makes no sense to write to the administration with a request to increase the amount. If BC is going to charge only 100 rubles in advance, it will not change its decision.

If you need a 1xbet AdvancedBet, how to make it on an express, system or ordinary?

Read the rules for using the promotional offer. Trust bets are available only for ordinary or express. Use advances on varnishes, multi-rates, chains, anti-express, patents, conditional and other types of bet JUST WILL NOT WORK! When you try to do this, the bookmaker will show an error. Rather, when you select the “System” section in the coupon, the “Available Advance” button automatically disappears.

The minimum amount for such an agreement is not prescribed. That is, it is difficult to understand what specific requirements and restrictions are set in the office. Given that the minimum size of the online rate – 10 rubles, then the advance can be provided for all the same 10 rubles.

WARNING! You need to understand that the bookmaker will not charge more money than “hung” in your bet history. Roughly speaking, if the menu is only 10,000 rubles for 3 bets (as in the example above), the client can count on 4,999, 5,999, 6,000, 7,888 or 8,777. But never in such circumstances, the company will not charge 10,100 , 10 999, 11 222, 12 888, 13 888, 15 000, 17 999, 20 000 rubles or more.

What rules and technical aspects should a better consider?

You already know that you can find them in 2 main menus:

  • bonuses;
  • rules.

But we will try to prescribe below the main points provided by the AdvancedBet on onexbet. Secrets and nuances are presented through the prism of personal experience. We make online bets ourselves and are clients of several BCs at once. This allows you to compare odds, quotes, ease of use, available options.

The main points that Better should know and take into account are as follows:

  • the bookmaker decides whether to provide you with the function or not (can easily refuse);
  • advances are available only for ordinary (single pairs) or express trains;
  • calculation of real and trust transactions is carried out after receiving official results for the event;
  • advances can be used only for sports betting (but not suitable for casinos, slots, lotteries, toto);
  • the number of AdvancedBets available per day / day is not limited;
  • an advance can be provided in the presence of AdvancedBets (and this is normal);
  • deposits made by the client in dollars / euros / Russian rubles are not used to repay the confidence rate;
  • the calculation of the advance amount available to the client is carried out automatically, and the better has no right to appeal the amount proposed by the administration;
  • withdrawal of funds is available only after playing the terms of the promotional / bonus program at credit rates.

Of these rules, the main trend is becoming clearer and clearer. A foreign bookmaker will not distribute funds. The conditions of the bonus program are strict. The advances you can get certainly can’t be called an interesting offer.

Will the 1xbet AdvancedBet be profitable? What is the payment for it?

Rules of AdvancedBet in onexbet

It all depends on the amount and quantity of bets, as well as the coincidence of circumstances. It’s one thing when you have a plus all closed. But it is completely different when the account is negative due to another incorrect forecast. The instructions, which are on YouTube in video format, provide answers to the main questions.

Example of using a AdvancedBet from Apk1xBet

We had 260 hryvnias in our account, which had to be used for online bets on tennis, football, rugby, handball, hockey or any other disciplines. We found satisfactory results in the line of a foreign company.

  1. 100 hryvnias were placed on P1 with a coefficient of 1.50 (ie the amount of potential profit will be 100 hryvnias * 1.50 = 150 hryvnias);
  2. 150 hryvnias were set aside for the event with a kef 2.00, ie the amount of possible income is 300 Ukrainian hryvnias.

As a result, we have left on the account (account)? 260 hryvnias – 100 – 150 = 260 – 250 = 10 hryvnias.

We understand that 250 hryvnias simply “hung” in the history of transactions. Until the official results of the event are received, we will not be able to withdraw funds. But I really want to make another online bet. In this case, we decide to use the advance (trust pair). We ask for the amount that a banned foreign company can offer us. The bookmaker indicates that he is ready to charge 100 hryvnias. That is, look: in history we have “hanging” 250 hryvnias, but the administration is ready to give only 100. At such schedule we will have 110 hryvnias on balance. That is, 100 issued by the administration of BC +10 was on the account.

Let us decide to put 30 hryvnias after that. That is, we take 10 “own” hryvnias + 20 “borrowed” from the administration. The online deal is F1 (+1), but the administration does not care which market the customer chooses. With a coefficient of 1.50, the size of the potential win will be 30 hryvnias * 1.50 = 45 hryvnias.

Then we decided that we want to put another 50 hryvnia (the amount is taken from the available advance). The agreement on P1 was accompanied by a factor of 2.00. If you are lucky, we will earn 100 hryvnias (50 * 2.00).

3 scenarios for online trust transactions

  1. Bets made in a foreign company from advance funds were a plus. As a result, the amount of payments in BC will be 45 hryvnias and 100 hryvnias. If the bets made at their own expense lose, the advance bets will be automatically canceled. The personal money (10 hryvnias) that took part in the online bet comes to the account.
  2. Bets made in BC from advance funds closed in the red. The money from their own money won. In this case, as a result, the amount of payment at the rates in the BC will be 150 hryvnias + 300 hryvnias = 450. The advance rate was spent 50 hryvnias and 20 hryvnias (of which $ 10 is personal money). The amount of advance rates (150 + 300) will be automatically deducted from the payment amount – 50 – 20 = 380 hryvnias. The client receives 380 hryvnias for the game account. Congratulations, because the amount of income turned out to be normal.
  3. The money made in advance went into the red. Rates on own money also closed in the red. As a result, advance rates are automatically canceled. That is, the client receives almost nothing. Personal funds (amount of 10 hryvnias) are also considered losing.

It turns out that the client of a banned and blocked foreign company will have to put up with such “unpleasant nuances”. Of course, I would always like to receive income. Unfortunately, not everything is so simple with advance agreements.

A trust bet in 1xbet is by no means a way to always be “in the money” and get a big income. No. In fact, the advance is just an additional offer from a blocked and banned foreign BC. Other bookmakers have similar “buns”. For example, in “Parimatch. com “or” Marathonbeta.com “.

What feedback do players leave? Are they satisfied with the terms of advances?

There are various comments. Some are 100% satisfied with the AdvancedBet on 1xbet. Others think that the bet could be sold differently. Often customers do not understand the essence of the offer, and then begin to complain in the style: “A foreign company promised to charge big money, but no!”, “I wanted to earn 10,000 rubles on credit, and the administration gave only 4,000!”, “Why the advance amount is constant “Jumps” and changes? ».

You can find comments that:

  • withdrawal of funds received under the AdvancedBet takes a long time;
  • transactions can be made not for all events, but only for a limited number of cases;
  • the limits of the banned foreign BC are constantly changing;
  • advance bets can bring big money, but only with a certain schedule;
  • the rules of a banned foreign company do everything to make money primarily bookmaker.

We hope that after studying the step-by-step instructions there will be no more questions about the conditions of the AdvancedBet, how it is implemented, how to earn. Remember that even making a profit in real time is still a task. It is necessary to test strategies, to look for receptions and tactics, to try counters of professional betting. Good luck! Make money with us!

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