Algeria vs Sierra Leone match forecast

Algeria will play at home with Sierra Leone in the 1st round of the African Cup of Nations. The match will take place on January 11.

Algeria squad

The Algerian national team has successfully passed the second qualification round for the World Championship. Algerians have outstripped the strong national team of Burkina Faso in their quartet, and took 1st place.

The Algerians are traditionally strong in attack. In six matches of the qualifying stage, the team shot as many as 25 goals. Car!

With the defense of the Algerians, everything is fine too. In 6 qualifying matches for the World Cup, only four goals have been conceded.

Of course, Algeria will try to start the Africa Cup of Nations with a shock. Moreover, the team has never lost to the Sierra Leoneans.

Sierra Leone squad

This command doesn’t look so simple either. The Sierra Leone national team in qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations in their group was second only to Nigeria.

Moreover, the fate of the second line was decided in the last round. The Sierra Leoneans managed to get the desired result in the meeting with Benin (1: 0).

Alhadzhi Kamara is worth mentioning in the team . The forward is not as effective, but extremely useful in the attacking team formation.

However, after that very victory over Benin, the Sierra Leone team no longer won. An unsuccessful streak is three matches.

Forecast and rate

1xbet mobile android offer to bet on Algeria at 1.09 , on a draw at 8.70 , and on Sierra Leone at 40.00.

As part of Algeria there are a number of serious performers…

Sierra Leone is experiencing implementation difficulties.

The Algerians look much stronger than their opponents. Our forecast and bet – Handicap Algeria -2.5 with odds 2.22.

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