Altrincham vs Grimsby Town

Altringham as the home team got the Grimsby team as rivals in the England National League championship. The game will take place at Moss Lane Stadium.

For a long time, the teams did not meet in face-to-face confrontation, so you should not be guided by the history of personal meetings.


Altringham is ranked eighth out of 23 in the standings. The team is in best shape.
Statistics show that the team does not have a big difference between goals scored and goals conceded. The team has the best defense in their league. Well set the game to his team. Let’s look at the performance of recent meetings:
Last time the team played at home against a club from Nottingham – Notts County 7 days ago. The minimum score difference was recorded.
The team had previously played away against the club from Ricelip – Weldstown 21 days ago. Not the best home game from the team led to minimal defeat


Grimsby is third out of 23 in the standings. The team is coached by Hirst, Paul. The team is in decent shape.
The team has recently managed to show a more organized defense on the road. Previous matches:
The last time the Grimsby Town team played in an away match was against Maidenhead United. In this meeting, a draw was fixed, which could hardly satisfy this team.
Before that, the Grimsby Town club played against Eastleigh at the home meeting. Competent defensive play and superiority in the score by 2 goals decided the outcome of the meeting

The victory of the Grimsby team, according to the bookmakers, is very likely. Odds are 2.19 – 1xbet app download for android

Predictions in Sports Altringham – Grimsby

Altringham’s team played well in the last 5 matches, winning 3 of them. Victory is estimated with odds 3.40

In the last 5 matches, the Grimsby team have scored more than 2.5 goals on average. Bet ITB2 (2.50) 4.20

In the last 5 games, with the participation of the Grimsby club, a total total of 19 goals was shown, Matches with the participation of Grimsby are successful, so you can try to take TB 3 2.29 – 1xbet

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