Basketball in sports betting is the truth 1xBet

By betting on basketball onexBet, you can thus create an additional source of income. If you want to learn exactly how to make money on basketball bets, then this article is for you.

This is not the most popular game, but sports betting is more likely to make money. Here the chance is even greater than in football. Let’s deal with you. why is it so possible.

Basketball in sports betting is the truth

Why bet on 1xBet basketball?

Basketball 1xBet matches are much more frequent than football matches. Despite this, most players bet on football. The fact is that football can be watched several times a week, mostly on weekends. I’m talking about key leagues, because a few are seriously involved in the unknown. Players next week analyze future matches and make the most accurate predictions for the sport.

In basketball, this is more difficult to do, because the games take place every day and there is not enough time to carefully study the teams. I, like other experts and even bookmakers, believe that in this scenario, you can make much more bets, as a result of which through the bookmaker “turn” more money.

For example, in a top-level football championship, about 600 games are played a year. Of these, at best, 200-300 have complete information. If you consider the NBA, the number of games exceeds 2100, of which 800-1000 have the necessary data and have accurate predictions. There is a significant difference between a thousand predictions in basketball onexBet, and only 300 in football.

The best start is to earn money in basketball 1xBet 

In order to start successfully, a professional will only need about ten rounds in the championship. Sometimes it happens that predictions for the next matches can be made after a few games.

Beginners need much more time. First you need to carefully study a sufficient amount of material on the topic, then apply it in practice and of course gain experience. At best, you will need at least a year to have a stable income on basketball bets.

No need to throw stones at me and say you started winning from the first bets. Yes, it is possible, but will you be able to make a profit from it for at least a few months? Do not think. Believe me, there are quite a few players who earn on sports betting. Much less than is commonly believed.

If you decide to develop independently in this direction – welcome! It will not be easy and not the fact that this way is better. And free forecasts and training materials from 1xbet download will be a good help on this way .

Why do professionals prefer basketball betting?

Football is mostly chosen by fans. By the way, this is the main source of income in all bookmakers. Professional betters hunt for basketball bets, but why?

  1. There are not enough matches in football leagues, in fact what I stated above.
  2. It is impossible to quickly “scroll” money, which causes a weak return.
  3. Making money on basketball is easier. Not to win, namely to earn – these are completely different concepts.
In football, 14-18 games a week are available in one championship. Each team plays an average of 30-40 games per season. There are many more matches in basketball, so it is easier to choose the appropriate ones, as well as to “scroll” more funds.

The term “scroll” is important for earnings. The larger it is, the higher the profit. What is it?

Imagine that your percentage of bets won with a kef 2.0 is 55%. Roughly speaking, betting on 100 rubles, after 100 matches you lose 45 times and win 55. Together, the net profit is 1000 rubles. The figure is not large. What can be done to increase it?

  1. It is necessary to increase passability. If with 55% passability reaches 60%, the possible profit will be not 1 thousand, but 2 thousand rubles. It’s better, isn’t it?
  2. You need to increase the “scroll”. Make more similar bets. Imagine that you made not 100, but 1000 bets with an initial pass rate of 55%. The prize was already 10 thousand.

Basketball onexBet is best for “scrolling”. First, you can make binary bets – several cases per game. For example, win / lose, handicap, TV / TM, not to mention quarter bets. Secondly, there are plenty of matches and they go every day, even in the top leagues. And this without taking into account the next playoff stages.

The benefits of earning on basketball 1xBet bets are not obvious to most, but they are very significant. In theory, everything is iridescent and beautiful, but in practice a little gloomy. The same passability in 55% still needs to be achieved, and to put only on factor 2.0 all the time, it is impossible.

How to start betting on basketball?

It is not difficult to start betting on basketball. First of all, choose a bookmaker from the list of legal. 1xbet will be perfect, as there are good odds, user-friendly and clear interface, and the website does not hang.

Then you need to register and confirm your identity. I talked about this in more detail here. Now we replenish the balance and you can start betting, but hurry, because you are a beginner, so you can lose all the money at once.

Do not put the whole pot on one event, choose the games you know and analyze, or seek the help of professionals. Good luck!

Basic strategies for betting on basketball

Basketball betting strategies are needed for a stable income, otherwise it is almost impossible to earn in the long run. It is not necessary to use each, but to get acquainted with them and try “on yourself” will be useful.

The victory of the favorite in the quarter. The basis is “catch up”, and the point is to bet on the victory of the favorite in the quarter. If the favorite does not win the first quarter, we make an identical bet on the second quarter, but we already bet such an amount that in case of winning to cover the previous loss and remain in the black. In case of victory, we immediately close the match and look for another one.

Observations have shown that fights in which one team wins all quarters are rare. You can see for yourself by reading the results of basketball games.

Bet on the total in the quarter. The strategy is identical to the previous one, only with the difference that TV or TM is used in the quarter. In about 98% of games, there are no quarters that would play for a total of more or less.

We are betting on TV / TM. If it does not pass, double it. If necessary, increase the bet amount again. We play to win. After the victory, move on to another fight.

Bet on even / odd in the quarter. Another statistical strategy. Again, it is not often that matches are played in all four periods only in pairs or odd. Used similarly to the previous two.

NBA strategy This requires experience, so do not apply immediately, but be sure to read. Is to choose teams that play overtime more often than others.

We select such a game and bet on what will be overtime (in other words – it’s a draw). The coefficients for this result are in the range of 11-13. Profit is possible only for a long distance. Pay special attention to matches where opponents are equal and they have the same chances of success.

These are the basic strategies in basketball. They are the most understandable and effective, but most of them are used only in live.

Tips in Live Betting

Do not draw conclusions from the picture. Visual perception inadequately reflects the real assessment. The speed of movement of basketball players in no way affects the pace of play and the number of possessions. Therefore, place bets based on match statistics.

The best time to bet live is a long break. It lasts 10-15 minutes. This time is enough to calmly analyze the current statistics of the match and consider your decision.

Statistics for the first quarter are not an indicator. Usually the starting five minutes is played by the main five, and this is significantly reflected in the score. The statistics of half of the match are much more valuable for us in terms of analysis.

Do not believe in miracles. Sometimes an outsider after the start of the game has a good percentage of hits and an advantage over the favorite. But no matter how convincing the underdog looks, always wait for the statistics to level out during the match. Naturally, there will be cases when there will be a sensation, but the probability is extremely small, because it is difficult for weak teams to keep up with their unusual pace in each quarter.

Make all bets before the end of the match. Almost all bookmakers close the total market 3-5 minutes before the end of the match, because in the last minutes the scenario of the match is easier to “read”.

Obviously, fouls are expected in a close fight at the end of the match. And no one knows how many points will be thrown from the penalty line. At a gap of 10-12 points, the leader will “dry” the time and bets on TM will often pass. In the line of the office there is only a handicap and the result, which is calculated by the “robot”, based on the remaining time and the difference in the result at the moment.

Plus betting on basketball

Equivalent events – draws in basketball are very rare, so there are essentially two options for the result.

High limits in the NBA – this league attracts many cappers, including players from the United States. Bookmakers in the pursuit of this traffic, create the most comfortable conditions, offering generous bet limits. However, this advantage is largely inherent in Western bookmakers. Domestic offices in the NBA match offer approximately the same limits as in the Euroleague and Russia’s PBL.

Regularity of matches – 2-4 matches of one team per week. This is great for fans of statistics, based on which you can make accurate predictions for the NBA and other leagues.

Cons of betting on basketball

Low limits and odds for competitions in Europe. Unlike the NBA, Europe offers low limits and lower odds. This makes the same Euroleague not as profitable as the NBA.

Weak painting – most BCs offer meager painting, some are completely limited to the main result, total or handicap. Although this is enough for professionals, the main audience does not have enough of such a painting.

“Corridors” in basketball

The corridor is two bets, both of which can be winning, but there is a risk of merging part of the bet. And where is there no risk in betting? And nowhere!

The so-called corridor has a width. It can be formed within one BC or two different ones. The main task is to find it. In fact, finding a profitable corridor is the most difficult task. Most often they appear in Live bets, but not infrequently in the pre-match line.

In plain language, a basketball corridor is the difference between opposing bets on the same game. For example, teams 1 and 2 play, and they have the following bets: TV 165.5 and TM 171.5. There is a difference of 6 points between the totals – this is the corridor. If 166-171 points are thrown in the match, both bets come in – it’s getting into the corridor. If it is less than 166 points, only TM plays, and if it is more, only TV enters.

A similar principle is used in odds betting, but such corridors cannot be formed within one BC.

Types of basketball bets

  • Bet on the result – the choice of the winner of the match (without or taking into account OT);
  • Total bet – the number of points scored by the teams together (total), or one of the teams (individual total);
  • Handicap bet – one of the teams is given an advantage in the form of several points in advance;
  • Pass rate – is to choose the team that will advance to the next stage of the playoffs of a competition;
  • Quarter / half game bets – any markets, but only data for a certain quarter or half of the game are taken into account;
  • Bets on players – who will score how much, personal duels of athletes, who will make more selections, etc.

Types of basketball bets
Types of 1xBet basketball bets

Features of NBA betting

The NBA differs from other tournaments by the high intensity of matches. Teams play every other day, and sometimes every day.

For players, this is a positive moment, because more games give more statistics and information about teams. If you analyze the games correctly, the increase in the pot will be faster than in football betting, because there are matches much less often. In fact, the important thing is the amount of winnings, not the percentage of guessed results.

There is a downside – NBA rates attract the attention of many people, which means that the bookmaker carefully determines the odds, because for his mistake can suffer quite a decent loss.

You need to bet on the NBA in small amounts – 2-3% of the gaming bank. Many players alternate between good and bad days, when even obvious matches do not come. With such an intensity of fights and careless disposal of money, the bank can lose very quickly.

Dangerous nuances

Don’t try to catch forks in Live. Basketball is a dynamic game, you just don’t have time for fast-changing hobbies. Now there are almost no “forks”, they are difficult to find, and if you succeed, the profit from them is just ridiculous.

What is a fork in sports betting? These are two bets on certain events that guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the event.

In the NBA, the lower divisions of Canada and the United States, the championships of China and the Philippines, the quarter lasts not 10 minutes, as in the world, but 12. Keep this in mind, especially in Live.

Betting on European basketball

The chances of predicting the outcome of the competition in Europe are much higher compared to the American league. This is due to the fact that NBA players have more athleticism, and front line players have about the same skill. Individual skill is difficult to predict, and it can lead to an unexpected score on the scoreboard.

The peculiarities of betting on the championship of Russia, Spain and other countries, as well as the Euroleague / Eurobasket, are that the tactics of the game are mainly taken into account. To do this, you need to disassemble the last 7-10 matches of the teams. It is necessary not only to analyze certain positions and athletes, but also to take into account the probability of injury. In the NBA, this factor is not so important, because the Americans have a long and equivalent bench, while the Europeans usually do not have a full-fledged replacement for key players.

Bet events on European basketball
Bet events on European basketball in 1xbet

Analysis of basketball matches

Analysis of basketball matches is a little easier to analyze matches in football, because the composition of the basketball team is 2-3 times less, and basketball players play twice as often. More information accumulates, so the forecasts are more accurate.

Current form of commands. It is easier to follow the form of rivals, because there are fewer game declines than in the same tennis or football. An additional advantage is holding 2-3 matches a week, which gives fresh information about the status and form of teams.

Check out the last 5-6 games of each team. Separately study the statistics of games at home and away. In basketball, the home arena factor is important, and sometimes quite decisive.

History of face-to-face meetings. Do not forget about the history of confrontations, because often the results of the last few face-to-face matches can say more than the last dozens of matches.

Motivation and position in the table. The key factor is motivation. Be sure to estimate what each team needs from the upcoming match. Based on this, adjust your prediction so as not to bet on a team that does not have tournament tasks.

List of injured and disqualified players. A tight competition schedule implies frequent injuries and disqualifications. To increase confidence in the rate, it is necessary to constantly monitor the press to be aware of personnel changes in the composition of teams.

Which way to choose?

The first way I talked about at the beginning is simpler. You use the knowledge of professionals, but you risk your money. If you find a real expert and trust him, you can make good money on basketball.

The second way is much more complicated. You need to learn a lot yourself, and it takes a lot of time. But for that, you rely only on your own thoughts and experiences, which will expand every day. Only you are responsible for what you bet on. And even when buying forecasts, do not be lazy to think about them a little on your own. You are responsible for your bets, because although other people’s predictions, but your bets.

You can and should make money on basketball. The main thing is to delve into the intricacies of the game and betting on this sport. If you work in this direction regularly, you will definitely succeed.

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