Bayern Munich vs Villarreal match forecast for the UEFA Champions League

Here’s the prediction for the return leg of the Champions League quarter-final. Bayern at the Allianz Arena will play against Villarreal. The Yellows have a one-goal advantage. Can they hold on to it? Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be viewed at 1xbet download app.


Bayern failed against Villarreal a week ago. The Germans conceded an early goal but failed to score. Now they will have to prove themselves in the return meeting. A draw does not suit the team. Even a victory by 1 goal will lead to extra time. To qualify further, they must win by a margin of at least 2 goals.

In the last match of the German championship the Roten beat Augsburg at home (1-0). They played the entire 90 minutes in economy mode. We can be sure to see the full strength of the Munich side in the return leg against Villarreal.

Having lost to the Pitmen a week ago, Bayern ended their streak of nine consecutive Champions League games without a draw (8 wins and 1 draw).

At the moment, the Bavarians still have a very impressive record at home in the Champions League. In the previous 13 games, only 1 “los” has been recorded, with 12 wins.


Villarreal sensationally defeated Bayern a week ago (1-0). The winning goal was scored by Arnaud Donjuma. In the current nine games in the competition, he has scored six goals.

The Yellows are currently without a “Loser” in the Champions League – 4 games (3 wins and 1 draw). Another interesting fact. The Spaniards became the first club in the Champions League to beat Bayern away since the 2017/2018 season.

On 9 April, Unai Emery’s side played a very tough game in the Primera against Athletic Bilbao. The referee’s final whistle recorded the score at 1-1.

For the Levante side to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals, a world result by any scoreline would be enough for them now.

Statistics of personal meetings

The upcoming match will be the 4th in the history of face-to-face encounters between Bayern and Villarreal. So far, the Germans have two wins on record and one win for the Spaniards.

11 of Bayern’s last 13 home games in the Champions League have ended with a handicap of 1.5.

In 9 of Bayern’s 10 previous games in the Champions League, there have been two goals scored in the second half on a consistent basis.

Forecast and bet on Bayern vs Villarreal. Outcome with cf. 1,72

A week ago Villarreal were really good, and absolutely deservedly won. But in the return meeting the “yellow” will have a more difficult task, because for sure the “Roten” will be actively attacking from the first minutes. The Spaniards will be able to do what they do best – play second best, occasionally rushing out on the counterattack. But they will need to concentrate as much as possible, because a motivated Bayern (and even in the home walls) is a formidable force.

In 11 of the last 13 home games, they scored at least 2 goals each. I’m sure they will try to do it again now.

My prediction is handicap+2 on the visitors.

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