Botafogo — Sao Paulo forecast in Brazil’s Serie A match


The home team enjoyed a successful spring season. Since the start of the summer, Botafogo have had concrete problems with the result, pushing the local side straight into the relegation zone. In the last round, Luis Castro’s side lost again, although they held a comfortable lead. The home side seemed to be playing well, but the ball was reluctant to fly into the net.

São Paulo

The metropolitan club continues to enjoy this season, joining the battle for a place in the top six. At home against America Mineiro, Seni’s players finally remembered how to win, after already being plagued by their friendly attitude towards their opponents. In any case, it is too early to say whether Sao Paulo will be in contention for medals this year.

Personal encounter statistics

Botafogo have already lost four matches in a row. Moreover, the home side have been unable to score for 180 minutes.

The capital’s players, on the other hand, have not lost since mid-April. In the last round, Sao Paulo ended their streak of three draws in a row.

Last season, the teams exchanged home victories. In addition, the opponents did NOT exchange goals on both occasions.

Anticipation and Betting of Botafogo Rio de Janeiro vs Sao Paulo. Odds cf. 1,81

It would seem that the fact that Sao Paulo has not yet won on the road should reassure the hosts. However, the Botafogo players themselves are by no means masterful at home. If we compare the current form of the opponents, the club from the capital will be far ahead of the outsider.

Personally, it’s pretty obvious to me that Sao Paulo know how to beat Botafogo in Rio. I’m betting on a debut away win for Seni’s players. The home side look too miserable to put them on par with the players from the capital.

Prediction: Handicap 2 (0).

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