Canada vs Panama in World Cup qualification


Personally, I do not understand at all the weighty coefficients displayed here in favor of the Canadian team, which consistently and non-slip appears at the world championships only in its hockey prototype. But in the football field, the “maple leaves” are still quite far from even the average status, which in the present bride at the Qatari world championship certainly do not look like wild beasts and invincible force. Having won only one victory in already 5 meetings held – over the not-so-status El Salvador. But in the other 4 duels, the Canadians were practically stuck in defensive formations: Jamaica 0: 0, Mexico 1: 1, USA 1: 1 and Honduras 1: 1.


If we consider Panama, then it is, firstly, a participant in the previous World Cup 2018, which clearly liked to represent with her flowers her native small republic. As a result, a real football boom is still going on in this country and the activities of the Panamanian national team are taken under state control. And secondly, the “canals” and at this time are one of the favorites of the CONCACAF zone, where they now occupy the third place in the standings of the decisive selection. Having conceded for a nickle of played meetings only once – at least 0: 1 to El Salvador. But Panamanians can reasonably boast of the recent Victoria in the confrontation with the always majestic USA 1: 0 + pricks with formidable Mexico 1: 1 and strong Costa Rica 0: 0. And also the removal from the field of the usually uncompromising Jamaica 3: 0, and in the away battle!


Full statistics and odds for the match can be found at 1xbet app download. I believe that in the upcoming battle between Canada and Panama, he will find a scythe on a stone, as a result of which the “red tides”, which are absolutely in no way inferior in their class to the owners, will be able to stand up for themselves. At least, it’s hard to believe in the victory of the northerners with a difference of as much as 2 goals, taking into account also just the concrete defense of the Panamanians, who conceded only a couple of goals in the current selection!

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