Chapecoense vs Flamengo match forecast for Brazil’s Serie A

In the final series of games, the Chapecoense team will host Flamengo RJ as part of the Brazil Serie A championship. The game will take place at the Arena Conda (Chapeco) stadium.

The teams played with each other 3 months ago and then the duel was successful for today’s guests. It should be borne in mind that the victory was achieved in a home match.
In this confrontation, the outcome of the meeting was decided by only one goal.
Recently, the teams have had only one face-to-face match, so conclusions about the teams’ chances of success should be made according to the current form of the teams, and not on the basis of statistics of personal meetings.


Chapecoense is ranked 20th out of 20. Coach Pintado continues to work with a team that is in terrible shape.
The team does not strike a balance between defense and attack, so they miss quite a lot. Let’s look at the game performance of the last meetings:
Last time 11 days ago the team had an away match with the Baja club. A terrible game in defense and a weak game in attack, brought the guests a crushing defeat The meeting took place in approximately equal conditions of play, the teams exchanged goals, but the club Fortaleza EK was able to score more goals

Flamengo RJ:

Flamengo RJ takes third place in the standings out of 20. This team is coached by Portaluppi, Renato. The team is in good shape.
The club in the last meetings, showed low performance in home matches. The team has the best offense in their league so far. Portaluppi’s coach Renato has prepared the team well in this component. A little about the previous games:
The last time Flamengo played at home against Atletico Mineiro. One goal was scored, which decided everything in this meeting. Previously, the team played at home against the club from Curitiba – Atletico Paranaense 8 days ago. Terrible defensive play and weak offensive play brought the hosts a crushing defeat

Despite the fact that the Flamengo RJ team is playing away, bookmakers rightfully consider them to be the undisputed favorites. Betting line betting odds 1.40 – 1xbet download

Predictions Kush in sport Chapecoense – Flamengo RJ

A terrible section of the Chapecoense team of 5 matches, in which 3 meetings were lost. Bet on the continuation of this streak for 1.40

There have been no goals exchanged in 3 of the last 5 matches with the participation of the away team. Make a Bet like Both Will Score – No 1.75

In the last 5 games, with the participation of the Flamengo RJ club, a total total of 12 goals was shown, the Games of the Flamengo RJ team pleases us with a good attack and implementation of chances, so you can try to take TB 2.5 1.85

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