Chelsea are the favorites. It will be a miracle for Real Madrid to reach the Champions League final with 58 injuries in the season

But this does not mean that the great champions, led by Zidane, have already surrendered 1xbet download.


Chelsea’s advance to the final will not be a sensation. Real is on the hunt for a surprise

After yesterday’s success of Manchester City, I had an interesting conversation about the fate of the Champions League final. My opinion is that mono-national finals impoverish the tournament, there have been too many of them lately, and they are often boring. I apologize to Chelsea and their fans, but of the two available combinations, I, as a spectator, definitely want to see the Real Madrid-Manchester City final, and not the fourth face-to-face meeting of English top clubs this season. It’s funny that Chelsea and Man City may face off as Champions League finalists this weekend.

Real Madrid vs. Manchester City is both another round of Guardiola’s duel against Madrid, and memories of last year’s departure of the creamy with Rafael Varane’s scoring mistakes, and a meeting between two bald charlatans. In the English finale, there will be much less convex intrigue. Returning to the nightly conversation, I am still amazed at the position of my friend, who will root for Chelsea, because “I want a sensation.” Indeed, if you look at the confrontation between Real Madrid and Chelsea from afar, it might seem that the Blues have to stun the giant in order to reach the final. But this is a misconception: the English club was the favorite of their semi-final pair even before the first match.

– Firstly, the change of coach during the season should not be embarrassing. In fact, Chelsea won their only Champions League victory in a draw that saw Di Matteo replace Villas-Boas on the bridge after being defeated in the first leg of the round of 16 by Napoli.

– Secondly, this time Chelsea was headed not just by a lucky “own guy”, but one of the best coaches in Europe. Last season, Thomas Tuchel reached the Champions League final with PSG .

– Thirdly, Chelsea spent almost 250 million euros prior to the start of the 2020/21 season to strengthen the squad. Most of all in the world. At the same time, Real did not acquire anyone.

– Fourthly, Real Madrid players have already received 58 injuries this season. Honestly, reaching the Champions League semifinals and participating in the championship race 4 rounds before the finish is already a feat.

– Fifthly, Chelsea under the leadership of Thomas Tuchel is objectively good, with the German coach on the bridge, the Blues have already won several top matches with a consistently dry score: against Tottenham, twice against Atletico, against Liverpool and Everton, Manchester City.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that “on paper” Chelsea are the favorites against Real Madrid for a spot in the final. Especially after a successful draw in Madrid.

Summary of the first series

1. Chelsea could decide the outcome of the confrontation in the first half hour, when the Londoners easily passed the pressure line of Real Madrid and created some sharp moments at the Thibaut Courtois goal. The Belgian goalkeeper did not allow Timo Werner to score, but Christian Pulisic opened the scoring with a Messi-style moment.

2. The Blues were not destined to build on their success, Madrid responded quickly with their own goal: after a corner the ball bounced over the heads of Casemiro and Eder, ended up with Benzema, who did not miss the chance to catch up with Raul in the historic list of Champions League scorers. Now the Spaniard and the Frenchman have 71 goals each.

3. In fact, Real have realized their only chance in the first leg. The Benzema shot is Edouard Mendy’s only shot on target, while Chelsea harassed Thibault Courtois 5 times.

4. In the second half, Real Madrid changed the pressure structure and looked much more solid, Zidane played the whole match according to a hybrid scheme, which is described in detail in the tactical analysis.

5. It was not difficult to determine the best player of the first match: Ngolo Kante had an amazing match at Alfredo Di Stefano: the Frenchman was an important link in pressure and selection, amazingly promoted the ball to attack, gave 88% accurate passes and went dribbling 6 times (more dribbles than all the players of Real Madrid combined).

Lineups, losses, tactics

On Saturday, “Chelsea” to deal with standing on the flight to the Premier League , “Fulham” (2: 0), and Thomas Tuchel has given rest Rüdiger, Kant, Jorginho, Azpilicueta and Pulishichu. Ex-Real Madrid midfielder Mateo Kovacic remains in the infirmary, but Rudiger’s injury will hardly prevent him from playing in the Champions League semifinals. It is highly likely that Thomas Tuchel will put up exactly the same squad in the return match as a week ago.

The approximate Chelsea squad (3-5-2): Mendy – Christensen, Silva, Rudiger – Azpilicueta, Kante, Jorginho, Mount, Chilwell – Pulisic, Werner.

Zidane can only dream of such stability. Two defenders, who played in the starting lineup against Chelsea in the match in Madrid, thundered into the infirmary, injuries to Dani Carvajal and Rafael Varan were 57th and 58th for Madrid this season. And then Marcelo was also attracted to participate in the elections as an observer. The Brazilian, who had already played poorly against Chelsea a week ago, joined the team later in London.

There is also good news: Sergio Ramos and Ferlan Mendy have returned to Real Madrid’s squad, but there can be no confidence in the form of these players, because the captain has not appeared on the field for almost a month and a half, and the main left-back has not played since mid-April. However, given the injuries of Carvajal and Varan, as well as the unconvincing form of Marcelo, Zidane may have to take a chance in the face of limited choices. As for the game scheme, it is hardly worth waiting for the continuation of experiments at Stamford Bridge, the most logical thing for Real is to return to the familiar and studied 4-3-3.

Approximate composition of “Real” (4-3-3): Courtois – Nacho (Odriosola), Eder, Ramos, Mendi – Casemiro, Kroos, Modric – Asensio, Vinicius, Benzema.


Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea head coach:

The main task is to act with maximum intensity throughout the entire game. This is a semi-final, and the tension is serious. The fight is going to elimination, so we need self-confidence, otherwise we have no chance. But we must remember that we have a capable team that has earned the right to play at this stage. We are here by right and show quality football. Naturally, we are not going to keep a draw, but we will try to win. Chelsea is all about winning.

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid head coach:

We must have a good match. Give all the strength that we have. Gnaw the ground with your teeth. It was the same in the first match, so it will be in this one. I only care what we do with the ball. The team is ready. We have to play our football. All 90 minutes or more. We’re well prepared. My players are well prepared to play at full strength.’s forecast: again we do not expect a scoring extravaganza from the match between Chelsea and Real, in Madrid the teams, perhaps, even exceeded the norm. I do not rule out the possibility of overtime, but it will be more likely 0: 0 or 1: 0 – both results in Chelsea’s favor.

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