Chelsea vs Villarreal forecast for the UEFA Super Cup

London Chelsea will face Spanish Villarreal in the UEFA Super Cup. The meeting will take place on August 11 in Belfast (Northern Ireland), beginning at 22:00 Moscow time. Chelsea – Villarreal: forecast , rate, odds, statistics.


In the middle of last season, Chelsea were on the brink of disaster, but in the end the story ended with a happy ending. The situation changed dramatically after the dismissal of Frank Lampard and the appointment of Thomas Tuchel as head coach.

Under the German leadership, Chelsea transformed into a completely different team in just a couple of weeks. Unlike Lampard, Tuchel very quickly figured out how to use the players at his disposal, including two German stars – Timo Werner and Kai Havertz .

AND the seemingly almost impossible happened– Chelsea won the Champions League. In the final, Tuchel beautifully dealt with Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

In the Premier League , Chelsea finished fourth. And this can also be considered a success, considering that at some point the team was far beyond the top 6.

After a hiatus, Chelsea played three friendly matches. The recent game against Tottenham ended in a 2: 2 draw, and before that there were victories over Bournemouth (2: 1) and Arsenal (2: 1).

Chelsea have not entered the transfer market this summer. The club aims to acquire a star player, and in the near future Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku may return to London.


If you want to win the Europa League, just call Unai Emery . Well, sign a contract with him. And everything will be.

Last summer, Villarreal did just that. True, the club hardly expected that Emery would immediately lead the team to victory. But Villarreal took and won the Europa League. A sensational success.

In the decisive matches, Villarreal had rivals that could easily have made noise in the Champions League playoffs. In the semifinals, Submarine made it to London’s Arsenal, and then beat Manchester United. The hero of the final was the goalkeeper of Villarreal, Jeronimo Rugli, who deflected a kick from the goalkeeper of Manchester United David De Hea in a penalty shootout. This save was decisive.

It is rather problematic to judge the current state of Villarreal based on friendly matches. But if anything, at the beginning of August the Spanish club lost to Leicester and drew with Leeds. It is no coincidence that Villarreal played against English teams – this is part of the preparation for the confrontation with Chelsea.

Forecast and rate

You can bet on Chelsea in this match at 1.88 , the download 1xbet are offering a draw in regulation time at 3.76 , and Villarreal’s victory at 4.85 .

First of all, it is a meeting between two of the most cunning coaches. The key here will be the tactical confrontation between Tuchel and Emery, who before that decided to play against Leicester and Leeds for a reason. The Spaniards definitely prepared some surprises.

There is no doubt that Villarreal will be ready to the intense Chelsea game.

The bet is a win for Villarreal or a draw in regulation time in 2.10 . “Submarine” is able to hold out for 90 minutes, and then anything can happen.

You can also think about betting on a draw at the end of the first half in 2.12 . Teams will probably want to take a closer look at each other, and only after that, they may start to take risks.

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