Croatia vs France match forecast at the UEFA Nations League

Here’s the forecast for the first round match of the Nations League, in which the 2018 World Cup finalists France and Croatia will play. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet download.


Croatia are one of the oldest teams in the Nations League. Croatia had a terrific talented generation that won silver medals at the 2018 World Cup. But the defining word was.

Yes, the Croats have tremendous experience and character and are good players, but this generation of the national team is long past its peak and needs rejuvenation. Croatia now looks a slow and rather passive team, as can be seen in the first leg match against Austria, where the Croats lost 0:3 without a chance, and on their own field.

Sure, a wizard of the ball like Luka Modric can still put on a super performance, or lead his team in experience and character, and in principle he is still a vital and irreplaceable link in the squad, but the years have taken their toll, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Like Croatia itself, Modric’s best seasons are behind him.


Albeit beaten 1-2 by Denmark in the first leg, France are still heavily favoured to win every international competition including the Nations League. The French have an insanely strong squad, with world-class players in every line-up, a big bench with no less than stellar players and an experienced coach. Thus, the team has everything to win.

But at times the French team are a little complacent, slipping a little underestimation of their opponents, and the desire not to give their all, as it seems that the game is already done. It is in matches like these that the French lose points or lose completely (like they did at UEFA EURO 2020 against Switzerland or a few days ago in the first leg against the Danes).

But if France are as quick and forceful as they can be, their opponents hardly stand a chance. The likes of Benzema, Mbappe, Griezmann, Nkunkou, Ben Yedder and Kanté terrify any defence.

Statistics of head-to-head encounters

There are eight head-to-head encounters between France and Croatia. More recently, the teams played each other in 2020, as part of the group stage of the Nations League, then both meetings were won by France (4-2 at home and 2-1 away).

But the highlight of the match, and one that many will remember, was at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow in the 2018 World Cup final. That historic final ended in a shoot-out and a 4-2 win for France.

Prediction and bet on Croatia vs France. Outcome with cf. 2,01

Both teams are unlikely to be satisfied with the results of the first round, where both Croats and the French were defeated. So, the teams will try to rehabilitate themselves and improve their position. But who will be good at it?

The French team, of course. Despite the away game, the French simply won’t afford to lose points for a second game in a row.

I can write out a lot of arguments in favor of the French national team, but in short – the French are simply stronger, faster and more resilient than the current Croatian team, which even Austria has outplayed and managed to score three goals. And what France’s attacking line will be able to do if they switch on at least halfway – it is scary to imagine. No matter how hard the Croats try to close down and keep their goal locked, they won’t be able to do it. The French will confidently score their goals and if they get tempted, the Croats will suffer a second heavy defeat.

In this match, the obvious choice is a convincing win for the visitors.

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