Cuiaba — Botafogo match forecast for Brazil’s Serie A


Thanks to an away win over Avaya, the local side no longer look like hopeless underdogs. “Cuiaba now join a group of eight teams in the competition for their place in the league. For a second, at the beginning of the summer the home team pinned Corinthians at home, and then took points from two nominal mid-table sides. In other words, Cuiabá are clearly no match for them at home.


Botafogo continues to surprise by playing on foreign soil, taking a position right behind Palmeiras. Luis Castro’s side snatched 3 points from Braganza Paulista last round, scoring the only goal of the game midway through the 2nd half. As for the content of the game, Botafogo were ready to give their opponents an early territorial advantage, using Matteus as a post in front. In the end, the visitors’ calculation worked. Nevertheless, I don’t think Botafogo will be so lucky away again.

Face-to-face stats

Botafogo is the 2nd away team in the championship. The visitors have scored 14 points in 8 away games.

Cuiabá have won their only win at home this season, but have not lost in 3 straight matches. The local side also have a problem with goals in the home crowd: 4 goals in 7 meetings.

This is the first time the teams have met in the league.

Cuiaba vs Botafogo Rio de Janeiro. Odds cf. 2,99

Previously, the opponents have fought exclusively in the domestic cup. Anything can be expected from the regular season debut. Yes, Botafogo looks good in a foreign field, but what is the real limit for the visitors?

In terms of motivation, Cuiabá look much preferable to their opponents. The fight for survival, as well as the recent victory over Avaya, will certainly make the home side feel more confident about their abilities. However, I’m leaning more towards a draw. For full statistics and odds for the match, look at 1xbet download app.

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