Forecast for the Guadeloupe — Jamaica Gold Cup match

Tomorrow there will be a match between Guadeloupe and Jamaica. Information can be viewed on the official website 1xbet.


Guadeloupe, in a rather fighting style, lost 1-3 to the Costa Ricans. For the tournament, the French-speaking national team made it through the qualification, beating Guatemala on penalties, but in the main tournament there are little expectations from football dwarfs. The composition is represented mainly by players from the local championship and a little diluted by the French from Ligue 2, so the level of the team is low, as well as expectations from this duel.


Teddy Whitmore’s players confidently beat Suriname 2-0 at the start of the Gold Cup with 2 early goals from outside the penalty area with long-range shots. They also allowed the rival to create in a counterattack, but once the Dutch colony did not use its chances. In general, the “reggae boys” played disciplinedly and deservedly won, while they should have no problems with Guadeloupe.


Previously, the teams on the field overlapped more than 10 years ago, so those matches have nothing to do with the current battles. I am confident in an easy victory for the favorite. I liked Jamaica with Suriname very much in terms of the game – the constant throws behind the backs to the defenders on Bailey and Nicholson took place, although in the end they scored with long shots. However, the level of defense of the Guadalupeans is not high, like that of the Surinamese, so we put a better team on the negative handicap.


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