Forecast of Boca Juniors — Deportivo Cali in the Copa Libertadores match

Boca Juniors

In general, Boca Juniors is considered one of the strongest clubs in Latin America. The team has recently managed to win the league title and make some noise. For example, in the last game Boca Juniors defeated Tigre in the Pro League Cup final 3-0, winning another trophy.

Deportivo Cali

Deportivo Cali were excellent last season, but you can’t really talk about that level of performance right now. Moreover, the club in the top league has a huge decline. After all, Deportivo Cali are now only in nineteenth place in the standings. The team is really not in the best shape, and in the last meeting they lost to Patronatos 0-3.

Statistics of personal meetings

In general, the teams have already fought each other in five matches. In this case, Boca Juniors were more often successful, which is not surprising in general. The team won three matches, while in another game there was a zero draw between them. And here is the one time Deportivo Cali managed to pull off a win. Incidentally, in only one game did the teams exchange goals.

Prediction and Bet on Boca Juniors – Deportivo Cali. Outcome cf. 2,34

Last time Deportivo Cali won with a score of 2-0. Now Boca Juniors still seems to be the favourite. Although, the cool thing about this group is that every team can make the play-offs or not. Still, I believe that here, Boca Juniors will be able to learn from the mistakes of the first game. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet app download for android.

Therefore, my prediction for this match is a Handicap 1 (-1.5) at odds of 2.34.

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