Forecast of Burkina Faso vs. Senegal in the African Cup of Nations match

Burkina Faso will play at home with Senegal in the African Cup of Nations semi-final. The match will take place on February 2.

Burkina Faso

This team does not look so powerful in the tournament. The Gabonese of Burkina Faso passed only in the penalty shootout, after which they defeated Tunisia minimally.

However, the Burkina Faso team was not in vain in the top four. And the team is quite capable of giving Senegal a fight.

That’s just with the attack of the Burkins is not going well. In five matches of the tournament, the team scored only five goals, and one goal fell on each of the matches.

Historically, Burkina Faso has played poorly against Senegal. Of the four face-to-face fights, the Burkins got three draws with one failure.


The Senegalese look more profitable than the opponent. The defense of the team looks like a particularly monolithic link, which allowed the opponents to score only once.

Of course, the Senegalese, who have in their composition such a master as Sadio Mane , set themselves the maximum tasks. True, the Liverpool striker scored only two goals in the tournament.

By the way, in the previous round, Senegal confidently passed Equatorial Guinea. The daring opponent was outplayed (3:1).

Surely Senegal will play from a position of strength. Moreover, the team got in good shape during the tournament.

Forecast and rate

1xbet mobile android offer to bet on Senegal for 1.80, on a draw for 3.00, and on Burkina Faso for 6.20.

Burkina Faso has notable implementation problems.

Senegalesestrong with a powerful attacking line led by Mane.

The superiority in the class and the good form of the leaders speak in favor of the Senegal national team. Our prediction and bet is Handicap Senegal -0.75 with odds 2.04.

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