Forecast of Qingdao Huanhai — Shandong Luneng for the Chinese Super League 2020

Continuation of the struggle within the “China. Super League. Guangzhou” championship. The meeting will take place at Huadu Stadium.

The last duel between these clubs has developed positively for today’s guests. Qingdao Huanghai’s team was defeated 2-0.
Shandong Luneng’s team in that meeting showed confident play in attack, which allowed them to win with a good score difference.
Only 1 face-to-face meeting was between the teams lately. On its basis, it is difficult to draw conclusions about how the current fight will go. You need to focus on the current form of the teams as well as the odds set by the bookmakers for this fight

Qingdao Huanghai:

 Qingdao Huanghai is ranked sixth in the standings out of 8. Coach Wu, Jingi continues to work with a team that is in poor shape.
According to statistics from recent matches, the club is showing equally effective defensive play at home and away. Consider how the team played in recent matches:
The last time Qingdao was away was against Guangzhou City. A gorgeous shootout in the form of an abundance of goals certainly delighted the fans. However, for this team, it is worth forgetting this defeat and focus on the next match.
The Qingdao team had a home match with the Shenzhen club 3 days ago. The match pleased with the goals scored. The teams played without looking back at their own goal, which resulted in 5 goals scored. But he brought defeat to the home team.

Shandong Luneng: 

Shandong Luneng takes first place in the standings out of 8. This team is coached by Hao, Wei. The team is in impeccable shape.
Food for Thought:
The team last played at home against Henan Songshan Longmen Club 21 hours ago. Two goals were scored, which decided everything in this meeting.
Earlier 3 days ago, the team had an away match with the Guangzhou club. The match turned out to be not boring, as I struck TB 2.5, and each of the clubs was able to score. However, the success remained with the home team.

Despite the fact that the Shandong Luneng team is playing away, bookmakers rightfully consider them to be the undisputed favorites. Betting odds are set on the bookmaker’s line 1.26 – 1xbet app android

Kush Predictions in Sports Qingdao Huanghai – Shandong Luneng

Away from the match, Shandong Luneng’s team played an average of 5 official matches, winning 3 of them. The odds of winning are estimated at 1.26 – 1Xbet

Shandong Luneng have scored more than 2 goals on average in their last 5 matches. Put ITB2 (2.00) 1.80 – 1Xbet

In 5 games, the Qingdao Huanghai team showed the total of goals scored and conceded equal to 20. The games of the Qingdao Huanghai team pleases us with good attack and realization of chances, so you can try to take TB 2.5 1.86 – 1X

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