Forecast of the game National Bank of Egypt vs Ceramic Cleopatra at the Egyptian Premier League

National Bank of Egypt

“National Bank of Egypt” – to date, the guys have already managed to play 20 full matches: secured 29 points, stood in 7th place in the championship, having formed a positive gap from 3rd place with 8 points. The team won 7 games, lost 5, and drew 8. In the most recent round, they played against Al-Masri on the road, claiming a 3-1 victory.

Ceramica Cleopatra

Ceramica Cleopatra is a medium calibre team that, at the end of 20 battles – secured an asset of 24 tournament points. The boys managed to get a win in 5 games, lost in 6 and drew in 9. In total, for all those battles – they scored 2 goals less than they conceded (21:23). The most recent encounter was at home to Misr El Makasu (4-1).

Head-to-head stats

At this stage of the forecast, we will look back at, and discuss, the head-to-head encounters between these two league sides. The battle was played at home to Cleopatra Ceramica, resulting in a 1-0 win. Half a year earlier, the two sides also crossed paths at home to Egypt National Bank and there was a draw (1-1).

Prediction and Betting odds for National Bank of Egypt vs Cleopatra Ceramica. Outcome cf. 1,85

In a match of this calibre, I can’t be as confident of an easy win for the home side as the bookie. In fact – Cleopatra Ceramica, nowhere near as good as their opponent in the face of National Bank. More than sure that it will not be easy for the home side to win, so I bet on the guest, at least – not to lose, i.e. Forum 2 (0). Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet mobile app.

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