Forecast of the game Palmeiras vs Emelek at the Copa Libertadores


Palmeiras looked classy last season and won the Libertadores Cup for the second time in a row. Now, however, the team is still reeling from the season and does not look like a title contender, but it is clear that the Parrots could very well improve. The club beat Red Bull Bragantino 2-0 on home soil in their last game.


Emelec looked very buoyant last season and made it to the Libertadores Cup from third place. Now, the club is currently in fifth position, but all may yet lie ahead. Although, in the last matchday the Bilo-Syni did not play their best game. The team lost 0-2 to Orense, playing really mediocre offensively.

Statistics of personal meetings

In principle, it is quite logical that these teams have not played each other yet, until this season. If Palmeiras has a lot of experience in the Libertadores Cup, Emelec does not have that. Rather, the club took part in the South American Cup, but they have not crossed paths with Palmeiras there, so everything is ahead of them.

Prediction and Betting on Palmeiras – Emelec. Outcome cf. 2,24

Last time Palmeiras won with a score of 3-1. Now the team, which has basically proved everything, is still considered a favorite here. Yes, the Parrots have solved all the problems, but that does not mean that the club will somehow save strength, so Emelec will probably have a hell of a time in this game. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet download.

Therefore, my prediction for this match is Goalball 1 (-2) at odds of 2.24.

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