Forecast of the match Southampton – Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League of England


Southampton finally managed to break their unbeaten streak by beating West Ham away. Saints managed to score 3 goals in that game. Were there any preconditions for this success? Yes, already in the game with Crystal Palace. Then, Southampton players didn’t score many chances, but managed to score 2 goals from nothing. With the Hammers, this team has already looked sharper in the attack, and more chances were created to score. So, it’s safe to say that the Saints are on the mend and are now ready to play another match against the London side at a good level.

Tottenham Hotspur

A great tactician, an experienced mentor and motivator, and just a man who can give a kick – that’s what Tottenham were missing. Conte arrived and Spurs have changed almost immediately. A drab team, at times unable to mount a good attack for long periods of time, has become one of the brightest clubs in the APL. The difference is palpable and the Londoners have improved significantly, especially in their attacking component. They now create plenty of chances in every game and produce good results. It is no wonder that Conte’s side are favourites to take on Southampton.


Full match statistics and all odds can be found at 1xbet download. Tottenham can safely be called one of the strongest teams in England at the moment. In my opinion, only City have looked more powerful recently. The Conte effect, there’s no telling. He’s already proven himself in the APL when he managed to win the league title with Chelsea in his debut season, now he’s got Tottenham on their feet. Most impressive is how good Spurs have become offensively. It’s been a long time since they’ve had a streak of 5 games in the APL, in each of which they scored 2+ goals. And most importantly, on point. If you look at the advanced stats, Tottenham created 2+ xG chances in all games during the win streak. That is, absolutely on point scoring their goals. Especially impressed in the match against Liverpool, where in general, given the goal chances, they should have won. With such a game, Spurs simply have to tear apart the Saints’ defence, especially since Southampton have not played a single game on goal since the middle of November, conceding twice even from Norwich. The question is, will the home side score? Their goal is also very likely. As I’ve written above, Southampton have been improving, while also taking chances very well. And the statistics are in favour of this team, they have scored at home in the previous 5 games. I should also note that the Saints play quite well against top opponents. They have scored twice against Chelsea this season, cut open the defence of Leicester and MU. They are well on their way to scoring against Tottenham in their 14th meeting in a row. “Spurs are strong at the moment, but not ideal defensively. They have conceded not only from Liverpool under Conte, but also from Leeds and VCU. In other words, teams that did not sit in their own penalty area and constantly stressed the Londoners’ defence have managed to distinguish themselves in the end. Southampton can be counted among them. That’s why I’m expecting a scoring exchange in the upcoming encounter. Since the Saints made it to the APL, they have punched in 16 of their 20 face-offs against Tottenham in this fixture.

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