Forecast Slovakia vs Kazakhstan in the League of Nations match

Watch out for the second leg of the Nations League 2022/2023 in Bratislava, where Slovakia will take on Kazakhstan on the evening of June 6. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet app download for android.


Slovakia made a very pragmatic and sensible start to the Nations League, beating Belarus 1-0, and then making their mark as group leaders, with the expectation that they would go on to clinch the top spot, heading back to Division B.

The group opponents are more than acceptable for the Slovaks – Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Azerbaijan, which makes the Slovakian team the clear favorites in this quartet.

The Slovak national team is still a strong European runner-up, who does not shoot for the stars, but fights all teams to the last one, and in general shows a good team play.

The Slovaks will start the second round of the Nations League with a home game against Kazakhstan.


The Kazakhstan national team as well as the Slovaks got off to a flying start, beating Azerbaijan at home, sending two unanswered goals into the net. But can this inspire optimism before the second round, where they will face a much more serious opponent on the road?

In general, the Kazakhstani team is a rather mediocre team, which regularly concedes, especially if the opponent is not the level of Azerbaijan, indicating huge problems in defense. For example, in the whole World Cup qualifying cycle, Kazakhstan conceded as many as 20 goals while scoring just 5.

Kazakhstan has little chance of finishing first in the group, but is unlikely to finish last. Their main concern will most likely be to keep their place in the current Division C and not drop out of the relegation group, D.

Match statistics

Surprisingly, Slovakia and Kazakhstan have yet to play a single game, be it at official or friendly level.

So, the June 6 match in Bratislava in the Nations League group stage 2022/2023 will be a starting point in the statistics of their head-to-head encounters.

Forecast and odds for the match Slovakia v Kazakhstan. Outcome with a cf. 1,87

Kazakhstan’s national team regularly misses a lot of away goals, and this match won’t be an exception, but how many goals can the Slovaks score? On average, the Slovakian national team scores 1-2 goals at home, unless, of course, the rival is a top-ranked team, which is not the case with Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhstani team doesn’t even reach the level of the average team yet, so I don’t see any difficulties for the home team to score 2 or more goals in the upcoming match.

Even if Slovakia doesn’t perform at their best, the difference in class will be enough to score 2-3 or even more goals against Kazakhstan and solidify their lead in the group.

The prediction for this match is Individual Total 1 More (2).

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