Forecast Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea in the UEFA Cup match

Tottenham will play at home against Chelsea in the second leg of the English League Cup 1/2. The match will take place on January 12 in London.


Tottenham had a terrible first leg of the League Cup semi-final, playing 0-2 at Chelsea.

Apart from the result, Antonio Conte was probably very upset with his team’s performance. At this stage, Tottenham do not seem to be a serious contender for Chelsea.

In 90 minutes, Tottenham, in fact, could not normally approach the goal of others, although Harry Kane, and Son Heung Min, and Lucas Moura – in general, all the leaders were on the field.

Over the weekend, Tottenham with great difficulty beat the humble Morcam in the FA Cup. Spurs were losing until the 74th minute, after which they still put the squeeze on the team from the third English division.


Chelsea, meanwhile, appear to have recovered from a downturn that has left them with a few poor appearances and are well behind Manchester City in the Premier League standings .

Oddly enough, Thomas Tuchel ‘s team came to their senses during the home match with Liverpool. Chelsea woke up with the score 0: 2, bounced back quickly, and then could have even won, but the Merseysides still managed to survive at Stamford Bridge.

Then there was a match with Tottenham , in which everything became clear in the first half. At the same time, Chelsea could easily score both the third and fourth goals, but for some reason they forgave Conte’s team.

Last Saturday, Chelsea, unlike Tottenham, easily advanced to the next FA Cup round. The Blues defeated Chesterfield 5-1 at home.

Forecast and rate

You can bet on Tottenham in this match at 2.77, 1xbet app download for android are offering a draw at 3.58 , and Chelsea’s victory at 2.60.

Conte needs to come up with super plans so that Tottenham have at least the slightest chance of winning. But, in truth, this is hard to believe.

So far, Tottenham are just worse. Maybe something will change in the future, but at this stage Chelsea are clearly superior to their opponents.

Bet – Chelsea win with (0) handicap at 1.91.

You can also consider a bet on Chelsea’s total over 1.5 for 2.38.

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