How to bet on e-sports in 1xBet

Recently, 1xBet has become increasingly popular betting on e-sports. These are bets that are for virtual matches and games. They do not take place in real time, and players are controlled by a special program according to a well-developed algorithm. At first glance, it seems that it is impossible to predict the outcome of events. But some betters make good money on eSports.

How to bet on e-sports in 1xBet

Rules of bets on e-sports in 1xBet

To make a successful bet, you must first read the basic rules:

  • if a team or player withdraws from a game or match, they are credited with defeats in all remaining rounds;
  • if the game is postponed for more than 24 hours, bets will be refunded to the better accounts;
  • if the match is stopped by the referee and is replayed, the preliminary results are considered invalid.

You can find a more complete version of the rules on the official website of the bookmaker. Also consider the rules for a particular game, which are written separately from the basic provisions.

What to bet on e-sports on 1xBet

You can bet on any sports and games that are collected in the Cyber ​​section:

  • Football;
  • hockey;
  • tennis;
  • basketball;
  • Counter-Strike;
  • Dota 2;
  • World of Tanks;
  • Mortal Kombat, etc.

What to bet on e-sports on 1xBet

Also in e-sports there is a tote, where you are offered to guess the results of several events and get a chance to earn big money and even win the jackpot, which is the total amount of participants’ bets. Agree, the prospects are good.

List of e-sports betting options in OnexBet

The types of bets depend on what sport you choose to make predictions. But in general, the pairs remain the same as for real sporting events:

  • winner;
  • allowance;
  • total;
  • exact score, etc.

You can predict how an individual match or round will end, as well as bet on the results of the tournament as a whole. It all depends on your choice.

Types of bets

At 1 xBet, you can bet on eSports in the same options as for regular sporting events. The simplest – ordinary. You predict the result for just one game or match. In the express trains you need to make predictions for several events. In Live, you bet on a game that has already begun. Chains and varnishes, systems are more difficult combinations which are chosen by skilled betters.

How to bet a beginner

You need to register first. You can do this in an accelerated version in 1 click, by phone number or through one of the proposed social networks. You can also complete the registration by e-mail. It takes more time, but when filling out the profile, which is a must, you will enter less data.

After registration, login to the site under your login and password, filling out the profile, you need to top up your account. Immediately select the appropriate method: bank card, e-wallet, mobile account. This is important because the withdrawal of winnings will be carried out according to the same details.

Also pay attention to the features of bonus accrual. When making the first deposit you will be given the same amount under the bonus program, but not more than 5,000 rubles. It must be played by express trains with a total volume of five times the size of the bonus. Each express must include at least 3 events with a factor of 1.5.

Now consider how to bet on eSports in 1xBet app:

  • in the line or live, open the section E-sports;
  • select the appropriate type, for example, cyber football;
  • in the open section, select the appropriate event and click on it;
  • in the form, select the result that you consider relevant, click on the odds, so you add the event to the coupon;
  • if necessary, add other events to the coupon, specify the type of bet;
  • specify the amount you want to bet, confirm the bet.

In the betting history, you can track your coupon and game results.

How to win at e-sports betting

To win in e-sports is real, the main thing is to use an effective strategy. If you can’t make it yourself, use capper patterns. There are strategies specifically for the chosen direction, and there are general schemes. One of the simplest is Martingale’s strategy: bet money on the result if you lose, increase the bet and repeat the bet. Do this until you win. To understand how much to put next, use the appropriate calculator.

In addition, the success of e-sports betting is influenced by:

  • self-discipline;
  • careful analysis;
  • correct distribution of the bank.
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