Hungary — England World Cup match forecast

The England squad will play away with Hungary in the fourth round of the 2022 World Cup qualifier. The match will take place on September 2 in Budapest.


The Hungarian national team played three of the coolest matches at Euro 2020 in the summer. In the end, it was not possible to leave the group, but the team impressed anyway.

After the defeat to Portugal in the first round, the Hungarians drew with the national teams of France and Germany. Both the French and the Germans had to recoup.

Hungary probably could have made it to the playoffs if it were not in such a strong group. By the way, even in the lost match with the Portuguese, she looked very dignified.

In the first three rounds of the qualifying tournament, Marco Rossi’s team scored seven points. First, Hungary drew with Poland, and then defeated San Marino and Andorra.


Meanwhile, England was left with a big disappointment after the Euro. Gareth Southgate’s team reached the final, where they lost to Italy in a penalty shootout. It was certainly a disaster, and at Wembley too.

But England now needs to focus on the 2022 World Cup qualifier. Although at the moment the situation there is completely under control.

At the end of March, the British won victories over San Marino, Albania and Poland, scoring a total of nine goals.

England were unbeaten in 12 games in a row before losing to Italians in the Euro final.

Forecast and rate

Hungary can be bet at 8.20 in this match , 1xbet mobile app are offering a draw at 4.60 , and England’s victory at 1.51.

The situation is somewhat similar to the one that was before the matches of Hungary with the Portuguese, French and Germans at the Euro. It seems that there is a clear favorite, but only now everyone knows that the Hungarians can surprise.

The stake is the goal of Hungary for 1.95 . There is no doubt that the daring owners will rush to the English gate. To score at least one goal is very real.

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