Iceland — Germany World Cup qualifiers forecast

Iceland will play at home with Germany in qualifying for the World Cup. The match will take place on September 8.

Iceland squad

This interesting and distinctive team conducts the current qualifying round far below their capabilities. The Icelanders immediately occupied the bottom lines of the standings.

Following the results of five played rounds, the Icelandic national team takes 5th place in the standings of its qualifying group. The team has only 4 points scored.

In the last qualifying round, the Icelandic national team did not manage to get three points. At home, the northerners painted peace with North Macedonia (2: 2).

World Cup 2022 calendar and table

Iceland crossed with the Germans on several occasions. More precisely, three times, but only the first date (18 years ago) did the northerners manage to draw.

Germany squad

The German national team is holding the current tournament slightly below its capabilities. The Germans are leading in their group, but they have not yet secured a quiet life for themselves.

The German national team scored 12 points in 5 matches. The gap from the following Armenians is only two points, so the “Bundestim” urgently needs to be added.

Germany may well record the past tour as an asset. At home, the Germans simply swept Armenia from the lawn (6: 0).

In all respects, the advantage of the Germans does not raise any questions. Probably, the German national team will act as the first number, only her opponent is already sick and prickly.

Forecast and rate

1xbet mobile app download offer to bet on Germany at 1.65 , on a draw at 2.85 , and on Iceland at 9.00.

The hosts are no longer claiming anything, and they are not playing well against the Germans….

Germany has already lost a lot of points, so it intends to establish itself in the first position.

Their class speaks in favor of the Germans, as well as the motivation to secure their passage to the Mundial as soon as possible. Our forecast and bet – Handicap Germany -1.5 in the 1st half with odds 3.52 .

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