Levante Forecast — Real Madrid La Liga of Spain

In the second round of the Spanish Championship, Levante will host Real Madrid. The match will take place at the Ciudad de Valencia stadium on 22 August. 


Last season, Examples of the Valencian team firmly entrenched in the middle of the table. She was 14th with 41 points and protected herself from the red zone by 7 points.

In the summer, Paco Lopez’s team took part in eight friendly matches. The preseason for Levante started with victories over Rennes (3: 1) and Atromitos (2: 1).

In the third match, the “frogs” parted with Villarreal (0: 0), after which there were defeats against “Valencia” (0: 1), “Southampton” (0: 1) and “Alavesa” (0: 1). At the end of the preseason, Levante defeated Elche (2: 1) and flew into Castellón (0: 2).

After a busy calendar of friendly matches, Levante played their first game in Example. It was an away match against Cadiz, in which the sides parted in peace (1: 1).


Over the course of last season , Real Madrid under Zidane played a giveaway with Atlético and Barça, endlessly losing points on the way to the championship. As a result, the “creamy” ones were the second with 84 points in the reserve.

In the summer, the Madrid club was headed by Carlo Ancelotti , with whom Real Madrid had a modest preseason of two fights in foreign arenas.

First, at the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, the Royal Club was defeated by the Rangers (1: 2). And then in Austria, “Real” went on a peace with “Milan” (0: 0).

Leaving the results of two freight trains behind, Real Madrid got down to business in the championship. In the first round, Benzema and the team defeated Alaves (4: 1).

Forecast and rate

The victory of “Levante” is estimated at 5.15 , 1xbet app download for android give the odds for a draw 4.40 , and for the victory of “Real” – 1.66 .

During his interviews, Carlo Ancelotti has repeatedly emphasized that it is important for him that the team again score a lot and try to demonstrate attacking football.


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