Maccabi Haifa — Olympiacos forecast in the Champions League qualifier

Maccabi will play against Olympiacos. In this game, the Greek team will be favoured, as they are more experienced and can play for results. For full statistics and odds for the match, look at 1xbet download app.

Maccabi Haifa

At the moment, Maccabi is gradually getting into the new season. The team played in the Israeli Super Cup, but unfortunately for the fans of the home team, there was a defeat. In friendly games, the team did not look the best either. It’s obvious that Maccabi have trouble on offense.

In general, in Israel, local teams are very good – the fans’ factor is of enormous importance. But against Olympiacos, a more experienced and stress-tolerant team, there could be big problems. After all, the factor of not being in the best shape adds to all of the above. In order to improve the situation, they’ll need to get going. But it takes time. So there is not a particularly big chance right now.


As for the visiting team, they also continue to prepare for the championship. Olympiacos have not played a single official match. Under their belt they have played against teams of the most varied level – there was even Salzburg. So the team is ready for many of their opponent’s playing styles. And with Maccabi, at least in terms of defense, the Greeks should perform quite well.

Olympiacos is known for playing very pragmatically. And on home soil, the team can outplay even the top teams. Now, in the first place, there will clearly be a defensive component. In such circumstances, it is likely to be very tough football. It’s hard to talk about big chances to win, but our defence must be excellent.

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These teams have crossed paths with each other, but incredibly long ago – almost 20 years ago. As already noted, both squads are rolling into the season. Maccabi players played quite a few games. Well, Olympiacos, as already noted, had a lot of sparring partners. And we can assume that the Greeks are better prepared for the season.

Maccabi Haifa – Olympiakos Piraeus forecast and bet. Outcome with cf. 1,84

Most likely, in this match the representatives of Olympiacos will continue to show the football to which everybody got used. Offence is not the component that will bring success in the upcoming game. Yes, there will be some breakdowns in the opposition half. There might even be some danger created and a goal scored. But it all rests on the playing style. Olympiacos will not go overboard on offense.

Maccabi, in this situation, looks like a team that is less prepared for the important encounter. They have a weaker squad overall. Against Olympiacos, this is likely to be fatal. So it is worth taking into account the distribution of bookmakers’ quotations, and make a bet exactly in favour of the Greeks.

Prediction: Handicap 2 (0).

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