“I control them, but I don’t knock on doors.” Guardiola is obsessed with little things

Even before the first training session, Josep Guardiola knew almost everything about the Manchester City players. Long before the start of preparations for the 2016/17 season, he asked the club for detailed information about the weight, speed qualities and the duration of recovery from injuries of each of the players download 1xBet.

Those close to him say that he can be distracted from football for no more than 32 minutes. After listening to you or doing some side business, he still comes back to thinking about the game.

Outside the soccer field and tactical tablet, he remains manically meticulous, continuing to insist: there are no unimportant little things.

Tough diet and training ban for overweight players

One of Guardiola’s early steps in rebuilding City was to avoid starchy foods, heavy foods and high-calorie juices. Gael Clichy spoke about this in the first weeks. The Frenchman added: before each training session, the players are weighed – if there is an excess of the norm, you cannot work with the main team. “If your normal weight is 60 kilograms, and you weigh 70, then this is not normal, because there is a great risk that you will get injured and substitute the team,” Clichy approved of the innovation. The Daily Mail calculated that Samir Nasri was among the uncoupled after the weigh-in. Optimal physical shape, according to the coach, promotes cohesion: “The team spirit is created like this: when one guy runs after another, knowing that two minutes later others will run for him.”

Guardiola also replaced the usual pizza in the locker room with nut mixtures – now, after matches and energy-intensive workouts, the players are waiting for hazelnuts and almonds.

He recently ordered the removal of candy and other sweets from the cafeteria and vending machines at the club base, leaving only pure chocolate. Moreover, the strict regime applies not only to the players, but also to the entire staff.

Nutritionist Sylvia Tremoleda, who was involved in triathlon and tennis, and later developed a program for Lionel Messi, who suffered from minor injuries, helps Guardiola to monitor the diet. Tremoleda prefers fish, chicken, rice and pasta, salads.

By the way, Guardiola does not eat directly on match day. He believes that this is how blood flows to the brain, allowing the head to work better.

City players do everything together. And they learn English

On his birthday, just after being destroyed by Everton (0-4 at Goodison Park, Guardiola’s worst defeat in a championship), Pep took the players to the cinema. Then “La La Land” flew to the space box office – it was the story of love, take-off and choice of the heroes of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that was watched by Raheem Sterling and other stars of “City”. This was supposed to relax the players and add cohesion. Like this: Guardiola asked Benjamin Mendy, who injured his cruciate ligaments, to visit the locker room more often – his teammates need his sense of humor and energy, even when he cannot play.

In the summer of 2016, an aimed blow was inflicted on Wi-Fi – Internet access was removed from the locker room and a number of places in which, according to Pep’s idea, players should communicate with each other, and not check likes on Instagram. For the same reason, he insisted on team-wide breakfasts and dinners. Kevin de Bruyne is pleased: “It’s easier this way, you have to cook less yourself.”

At the same time, Guardiola requires everyone to speak English (I would like to see Sergio Aguero’s face when he found out about this). The other day, Nicholas Otamendi told Argentine radio that he was taking a language exam in December. Guardiola himself did not experience any problems and from the first press conference he confidently switched to English. Two factors worked: 1) before returning to football after leaving Barça and taking on Bayern Munich, he lived in New York, where he tightened his tongue thoroughly; 2) watching TV shows on Netflix.

An important element of team building is that players are allowed to spend the night before home matches with their families at home, rather than at the base, as it was before. Football players should be in a familiar environment, do not bother and get enough sleep. But now it will be interesting. According to Nasri, Guardiola insisted: sex is only until midnight, the time remaining until the morning is better to devote to sound sleep. Commenting on the Frenchman’s revelations, the coach laughed: “It’s impossible to show good football if you don’t have sex! I have never forbidden it, and I would never forbid it. Since it makes the players better! ” If, nevertheless, to return to the permission to spend the night at home, the Catalan came to this back in Barcelona – although it began there with the fact that his people called the players late in the evening – and it would be better if they raised them. If someone couldn’t explain why they didn’t pick up the phone,

Guardiola now thinks like this: “I control them as long as they are here, at my disposal. But I don’t knock on their doors, I don’t ask their beautiful wives: “What is he doing there?” … Perhaps in the future I will do this too! ”

Oasis songs

In mid-October, The Sun revealed the main secret of the phenomenal start of Manchester City: now Oasis songs are always played in the locker room. For example, before the match against Chelsea, the players listened to Don’t Look Back In Anger. Is it worth associating this form of the club with this? The newspaper’s source at the Etihad Stadium believes that yes: “Definitely … Possibly” (here the title of Oasis’s debut album – “Definitely Maybe”, which became sevenfold platinum).

It’s amazing that Guardiola only came to this now. At his presentation, the dynamics were torn apart by the driving Morning Glory, and Noel Gallagher took Pep’s first interview for club TV.

In any case, Guardiola is very familiar with British music. He is a fan of Coldplay, and called Viva La Vida his favorite song. The Catalan surely appreciated the recent union of Chris Martin and Liam Gallagher: at the One Love Manchester charity concert (after the explosion at Ariana Grande’s performance), the Coldplay frontman and the man in the eternal raincoat performed the  life-affirming Live Forever .

Guardiola’s only pre-match ritual and love of golf

Fresh confession of the Catalan: “Before going to the stadium, I always call my wife and eldest daughter. No more customs. Before, there were costumes, my wife picked them up for me, but this year I refused them. This is more comfortable”.

Another revelation from Guardiola helps to understand how much he loves to control everything: “I love golf for many reasons. There is no referee here. The rules are the same for everyone. It doesn’t matter for whom. Whether there is a particular team or coach, there is media influence or not. ”

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