Mexico — Brazil in the framework of the Olympics

The Mexicans confidently passed the group stage, having won a duty victory over South Africa, beating France 4-1 and losing to the hosts of the tournament. In the quarterfinals, they confidently outplayed South Korea 6-3 in a scoring shootout! There is nothing to be surprised at here, the composition of the “Maya” was brought by age as it should be, the players are 23-24 years old, but most of these players are already players of the main Mexican national team and have no small experience of playing for it. The Mexicans scored 14 goals in 4 games of the Olympics! And they never left the field without a goal. However, in 3 games they themselves missed, only the South African outsider could not print them out.


Brazil is the current Olympic champion, and even before the start of the tournament, it was led as one of the main favorites and for good reason, this is based on the results, but not deservedly, judging by the quality of the game. According to the names, the composition of the “pentacampions” and on the mundale would not have looked sour at the Olympics with its age restrictions. But the quality of the game, these names gave out mediocre. Yes, the Brazilians started superbly, the German national team did it in one half, in the end they won 4-2. Saudi Arabia was outplayed just in class, but with Cote d’Ivoire they skated a zero, they also played in the minority from the 13th to the 80th minute. In the quarterfinals on the field, although the Jardini’s team looked solid and confident, they defeated the Egyptians only 1-0. And not the fact that such rationalism will allow her to beat the ambitious, hungry for titles,


… And so you shouldn’t look for a winner, you should expect goals from both teams. More information about the match can be found at 1xbet mobile android. In Brazil, there are attacking players, and cool players, more than enough: Anthony, Martineli, Filho, Malcolm, Cunha, Richarlison, this company, with the support of partners, is able to print any opponent, including the upcoming one. But Mexico with its composition, as already noted above, has an order. And in the attack “Maya” is not only strong individually, but also strong in team actions. 7 of her footballers excelled in 4 games of the Olympics. The match will probably be cautious for the time being, until someone is lucky enough to score, but then real football will start, during which the victim will probably also be able to distinguish himself. It makes no sense to consider the faces, the main teams are represented there. And yet it is noteworthy that the rivals met once at the Olympics … 108 years ago! Then the opponents exchanged goals. The selection of performers in the attack, especially in Brazil, the aggressive play in the attack of the Mexicans, as they did to France and South Korea, suggest that this time too, the opponents will spoil the mood of each other’s goalkeepers.

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