Neil Mopey: Man guilty of threatening Brighton & Hove Albion striker»

A Singaporean charged with death threats against Brighton & Hove Albion striker Neil Mope and his family.

According to Sky Sports, 19-year-old Derek Ng De Ren sent threats to the Seagull footballer via Instagram posts last summer after the Premier League match between London’s Arsenal and Brighton (the Gunners lost 1-2) , which took place on June 20. In that match, the goalkeeper of Londoners Bernd Leno received a serious knee injury after a tackle by Mope, but the episode was recognized by the judges as a game. On June 24, 2020, Derek sent Mope a message that read: “Do you think you won’t get anything for injuring Leno? No way, bro. But don’t worry, you’ll be safe, you won’t get hurt. It is more pleasant to watch how you will feel pain when your loved ones suffer ”. The next day, the young man sent another message containing profanity. A day later, Maupe received a new message from Ng De Ren: “In the afternoon, your family will be attacked, just watch.” And on July 1: “Do you think that by complaining about my account, you have made yourself safe? I will kill you and your family. ” Derek faces four charges under Singapore’s anti-harassment laws. If convicted, he could be fined up to S $ 5,000 (about € 3,000) and imprisoned for up to six months.

This season, Neil Mope played 32 matches in the Premier League, scored 8 goals and gave 2 assists. Brighton scored 37 points in 34 games and is 14th in the Premier League standings 1xbet download.

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