Old Boys Newells – Union de Santa Fe Argentina Super League forecast

The championship “Argentina. Primera Division” is in full swing, the Newells OB team. will host the visiting team of Union de SF. The stadium for the meeting will be Marcelo Bielsa (Rosario).

The clubs played among themselves 7 months ago and then it was not possible to identify the winner. The game ended with a score of 0: 0.
Only 1 face-to-face meeting was between the teams lately. On its basis, it is difficult to draw conclusions about how the current fight will go. You need to focus on the current form of the teams as well as the odds set by the bookmakers for this fight

Newells O.B .:

Newells O.B. ranks twentieth in the standings out of 26. Taffarel coach Adrian Blas continues to work with a team that is in poor shape.
The club in the last meetings, showed low performance in home matches. A little about the games played earlier:
Last time, 10 days ago, the team had a home match with the Aldosivi club. The teams showed an approximately equal game, which led to a draw result 0: 0
The previous match, the Newells Old Boys’ team in the away match played against the club Gimnasia and Esgrim La Plata. The team showed a good game in defense, but one accurate blow decided the fate of the meeting not in their favor. The percentage of ball possession in this meeting shows an approximately equal level of play. However, the best implementation of the moments by the hosts of the meeting showed that the control of the game is not always decisive. … The match turned out to be not the easiest one in terms of violations. 5 yellow cards were received per game.

Union de SF:

Union de SF takes thirteenth place in the standings out of 26. This team is coached by Mosset, Marcelo. The team is in middle form.
Statistics show that the team does not have a big difference between goals scored and goals conceded. A little about the games played earlier:
Last time the team of Union San Felipe had an away match with the club CD Arturo Fernandez Viyal, it took place 3 days ago. The team of Union San Felipe managed to get an away victory with minimal precedence. The score was 1: 3.
Earlier, the team of Union San Felipe had a home match with the club Deportes Copiapo, it took place 7 days ago. A gorgeous shootout in the form of an abundance of goals certainly delighted the fans. The guests who managed to score more goals won. But that was enough to win.

A draw is quite possible, since the bookmaker was unable to determine a clear leader, the odds for the victory of the guests is 3.26 – 1xbet app download for android

Kush’s Predictions in Sports Newells O.B. – Union de SF

Awful section of the Newells OB team of 5 matches in which 3 meetings were lost. Bet on continuation of this streak for 2.70

In the last 5 matches, the Union de SF team have scored more than 2 goals on average. Bet on guests making ITB2 (2.00) 5.10

In the last 5 games, with the participation of the Union de SF club, a total total of 19 goals was shown, the matches with the participation of Union de SF are effective, so you can try to take TO 3 3.05 – Betting League

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