Prediction for the match Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League


Burnley are a viscous team, and this squad is relying on defensive play. Burnley’s attack is very poor and they have scored only 20 goals in 22 games in the AFL. But the team’s defence is pretty solid, given that Burnley are a survival fighter. 29 conceded goals, in 22 encounters, is quite acceptable. Now the team is in 19th position, and they are already five points behind the saving 17th position. But still, it is too early to bury the Bordeaux side. After all, Sean Daisch’s charges have been putting up a very solid display so far and during the last 5 rounds they lost only 0-1 to Liverpool. In the rest of the games they clung to a draw, and last round they bombed Brighton 3-0. So now the team are clearly on a winning streak. Well, it is also worth paying attention to the fact that Burnley on home field in general is a very unyielding team, in 10 home matches in the “APL” Burnley lost three times, and all three defeats were by a margin of one goal. So in the game ahead, Burnley should clearly not be underestimated.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham are having a full season. Conte just can’t get anything good into his team. Now Spurs are sitting in eighth place and there’s a good chance they will be without Eurocups at all next season. Yes, Tottenham managed to beat Man Utd 3-2 in the last round. City 3-2. That’s certainly commendable, but the Londoners had lost in three straight rounds before that. And against this backdrop, a win over the Citizens doesn’t look particularly valuable. A convincing win and Tottenham are incompatible concepts this season… Especially in the AFL, the Londoners can hardly ever boast of winning on the class of a couple or three goals this season. Everything is very fine, with great difficulty and at the last minute of the match for “Spurs”. In fact, there is no belief at all that they can beat tough, unyielding Burnley with confidence.


Full statistics and all current odds can be found at download 1xbet app. I decided without much doubt to opt for the option of betting here: handicap (+1) on the home team. I don’t really believe in even a modest Spurs win with one goal difference here. Since Tottenham this season very rarely wins in a series. And given the fact that they won in the last round, now they are unlikely to repeat the success. In fact, a (+1) handicap on Burnley looks like a very convincing betting option here.

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