Prediction Italy vs Iceland in the Women’s European Championship match


The Italian national team had a very unsuccessful start to the group stage of the European Women’s Championship. The Italian girls managed to score one goal in the 76th minute. Martina Piemonte scored. But by that time Laura Giuliani had already scored five goals. Today’s failure will leave the Italian team behind.


The Icelandic women’s national team is one of the most beautiful in the tournament. However, they have not been able to please with the results so far. Bergland Björg Thorvaldsdottir was the author of the first and so far the last goal for the Icelandic team. Will she be able to score more?

Injuries and disqualifications:

Disqualifications: none
Injuries: no

In doubt: No

Statistics and figures:

– Teams will play each other for the first time

– Each team scored one goal in the first round

– Italy will drop out of the tournament in case of a loss


For the Italian team, a loss today means leaving the tournament. Iceland hypothetically still has a chance. Therefore, the game promises to be equal, but the desire of the Italian girls should outweigh. Full statistics and the best odds for a match can be found at 1xbet app download.

Prediction: Italy win
Odds: 2.15

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