Prediction Jamaica vs. Honduras in the World Cup qualifier


The Jamaican national team hasn’t played in a World Cup for a very long time. In fact, somehow more was expected of the Jamaican national team, given that they have some very interesting players in their ranks. But in reality, the Jamaican national team is not doing so well. The team is currently in seventh position, and the club lost 0-4 to Canada in the last round.


Overall, the Honduran national team played in the World Cup not too long ago, but failed to make it out of the group. Right now, the Honduran national team is doing very, very badly. The team is in the last place for a reason, and it is clear that they will not go any higher. In the last match, Honduras lost to Mexico 0-1.

Statistics of head-to-head encounters

In general, it is quite obvious that the Jamaican team has the advantage in these matches. The team has won three matches, while Honduras has one win under its belt. In one other match, the teams had a dramatic 2-2 draw. As it happens, however, there was no defeat in these matches.

Jamaica vs Honduras. Odds cf. 2,02

In the last head-to-head match, the Jamaican team won 2-0 on the road. Now the team will be favored at home. In general, the match has no effect on anything, although it would be very good for Jamaica to win after all. Despite the fact that they won’t be in the lead, I think the home team will take it to victory. Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet mobile app.

Therefore, my prediction for this match is Victory 1 at odds of 2.02.

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