Prediction of the game Panama vs Grenada Gold Cup

Panama has a difficult tournament situation, they have one point scored after 2 rounds played. But there are still chances to leave the group! They need to beat Grenada as much as possible and wait for Honduras to win over Qatar. There is nothing fancy in this, and the plan may well work. Panama plays well in attack in this tournament, they scored a total of 5 goals against Qatar and Honduras, but the defense does not support the level of the game, and the defense conceded as many as 6 times. That is why Panama has such a difficult tournament situation. In the upcoming fight, Panama will certainly do everything dependent on itself to pass further, now they have a goal difference of -1, Qatar has +4. If Qatar concedes to Honduras by one goal, their difference will be +3, so it turns out that Panama needs to bomb Grenada with a difference of at least 4 goals. Nothing is real about it


Grenada was very unlucky with the group in this tournament. In general, they are an extremely low-level team, and here they also got into the quartet with three strong middle peasants … 0-4 they lost to Honduras, 0-4 the Cathars lost. The team has enough tasks for the final match in the group. First, try to score. Second, try not to miss more than 10 goals in the group stage. But given the fact that Grenada’s rival in this match is very motivated, and is significantly higher in class, Grenada’s chances of something positive in this match are extremely low. And the history of personal confrontations here clearly indicates that Panama is a big favorite, the national teams have played twice, both times Panama won 2-0, and 5-0. So this time something similar can happen.


The coefficient for the victory of Panama is extremely low, even if we take a handicap (-2), the coefficient still remains extremely low. So I decided to opt for a bet option here: TB (2.5) on Panama. Considering the rather bright attack of Panama in this tournament, and absolutely no game of Grenada, the nominal hosts are capable of scoring three goals here. Moreover, Panama has even greater tournament motivation. Read more at 1xbet download app

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