Santos — Chapecoense match forecast in Brazil’s Serie A

There will be virtually no soccer this midweek weekend after Tuesday night (Wednesday night at most). And only individual countries will present their own exceptions to the big picture pause until the players from their national teams return to their clubs. The traditional exception would be in the form of Brazil’s Serie A. There Santos takes on Chapecoense – is there any intrigue in this pairing? Analytically gave the site made a prediction for the match, which will begin before midnight on November 18, 2021. Odds for all sporting events can be found at 1xbet mobile app.

Santos is again hanging in the middle of the standings

“Fish” remains one of the most popular teams in Brazil. But while they were in the top three three three times in 2016-2019, even if they never made it to the title, there has been a serious decline since the last edition. First, the club fell back to eighth place overall. Now they are even in 12th place, one more step down, and they won’t even be able to play in the Copa Sudamericana. Moreover, the distance to the relegation zone is not so comfortable. However, right now Santos is not bad. He scored 10 points in the last 5 rounds of Brasileirao. They even missed only Palmeiras on that stretch.

Chapecoense looks just superfluous in this championship.

“The Greens never fully recovered from the high-profile disaster. The club eventually relegated to Serie B – but it won it in the last draw, and triumphantly, from 1st place, returned. But pretty quickly it became clear that at the level of Brasileirao the current squad just does not pull. And the changes in coaching (Mozart, the one who played for Spartak Moscow in his time, for example, only lasted a month) seemed to make things even worse. In the end the return of Shape to the 2nd division has already been formalized. It even seemed to help: in November, the outsider played consecutive draws with Cuiaba and Flamengo, with the reigning champion also leading for a while after Cayo’s double. But last round was again a negative result: 0-2 at home to Juventude.

Previous matches

Chapecoense had some good stretches in the history of the relationship, for example, in 2017-2018 managed not to lose three times in a row. But all the last 3 matches ended in victories for the Fish. Including in August, when the only goal was scored from a penalty kick by Sanchez.

Match prediction

Who else to beat, if not Chapecoense, also at home? We bet on the victory of motivated by the tournament situation Santos with a handicap “-1” (odds – 1.8).

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