Shanghai Shenhua-Changchun Yatai Super League of China

Over the past 10 rounds, Shanghai is on the 5th place, among 8 teams in the Chinese group B. To understand how strong all 5 teams are in this group, the gap from the 1st place is only 3 points. At home, Shanghai is playing great, giving battle to the favorites. To confirm the words, in 10 rounds the team conceded only 9 goals and scored 13, which suggests that Shanghai is able to defend itself and give battle to the favorites. At the moment, the team is experiencing certain problems in the attack. In the last 3 rounds without scoring a single goal, playing in 2 games at (0-0) and losing to Shanghai Porto (1-0).

Changchun Yatai

Changchun Yatai played in the 2nd strongest league in China last season. And already after 10 rounds they are in 1st place, but it will still be with such a density. The purchase of Negao, now in great shape, certainly met expectations. The team also looks great in defense. Changchun is in great shape along this stretch. For the last 4 rounds, the team scored 10 points. Tobish 3 wins and 1 draw, beating one of the main contenders for the championship Shanghai Port in the last round, (2-1) this meeting ended.


We have to see the most interesting game. Detailed statistics are on 1xbet mobile app. Having collected all the above words, of course Changchun, which is now on the rise, is the favorite of this meeting. But still Shanghai plays at home, and the team lost at home only in the Asian Champions League, well, there is a story there. For me, the game will be so viscous, I think Shanghai will not really be on the rampage, knowing what a powerful attack the guests have now. It is quite possible that we will not see a large number of goals in this game, a maximum of 3, and then we can hardly believe it. Confident total (3 less). Good luck to all!

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