Shenzhen FC — Guangzhou RF Chinese Super League Forecast

The matches continue in the China championship. Super League. Guangzhou, this time we will have a match between the teams of Shenzhen FC and Guangzhou RF. The stadium for the meeting will be the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Central Stadium.

In the extreme meeting between these clubs, the hosts of today’s game were stronger. It is also important that the victory was obtained on the road.
The match ended with a confident victory of the Shenzhen FC club over the rival with a difference of 2 goals.
Lately the teams have played with each other 3 times. Shenzhen FC looks like a favorite in this meeting, all the last games they came out as winners from the head-to-head confrontation of these teams

Shenzhen FC:

 Shenzhen FC is ranked third in the standings out of 8. Coach Johan Jordi Cruyff continues to work with a team that is in excellent shape.
The club in the last meetings, showed low performance in home matches. Food for thought:
Last time Shenzhen played at home against Guangzhou. The match turned out to be not boring, as I struck TB 2.5, and each of the clubs was able to score. However, success remained with the home team.
Earlier, the team played away against the club from the city of Shanghai – Qingdao 3 days ago. The match pleased with the goals scored. The teams played without looking back at their own goal, which resulted in 5 goals scored

Guangzhou RF:

 Guangzhou RF ranks fourth in the standings out of 8. This team is coached by Van Gastel, Jean-Paul. The team is in normal form.
According to statistics from recent matches, the club is showing equally effective defensive play at home and away. Previous matches:
The last time the Guangzhou City team had a home match with the Qingdao club, it took place 21 hours ago. A gorgeous shootout in the form of an abundance of goals certainly delighted the fans. The winners represented by this team, realized more chances and were able to adequately work out in defense
Prior to that, the Guangzhou City team played against the Chongqing Liangjiang club in the away match. This meeting was held with the overwhelming dominance of the home team. What neither the fans nor the players of the Guangzhou City team expected

According to the BC line, the home game for Shenzhen FC is highly likely to end in victory for them. The odds for this outcome is 1.78 – download 1xbet

Kush Predictions in Sports Shenzhen FC – Guangzhou RF

Shenzhen FC won 4 matches out of 5, against 1 wins of the visiting team. We offer to bet on the victory of the hosts of the match, the coefficient on the victory is 1.78 

Shenzhen FC team loves to show good game with goals in both directions. Therefore Both To Score – Yes 1.67 – 1xbet

In 5 games, the Shenzhen FC team showed the total of goals scored and conceded equal to 16. The games of the Shenzhen FC team pleases us with good attack and implementation of chances, so you can try to take TB 2.5 1.8 

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