Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer commented on the victory over Tottenham in the Premier League (1: 3) 1xbet.


“The game is over. If canceling a goal was a mistake, a clear mistake, then they have to consider it after the match and take action. And the goal is very good.

Excellent reaction to the situation, we played great in the second half. We felt the injustice and showed our character. We will not let such mistakes spoil the ending of our season. “
“What can you say about Son’s fall? We must not be deceived. I want to say that if my son falls on the field and lies on it for 3 minutes, and the other 10 comrades run to pick him up, he will not get any more food one x bet”
“Edinson Cavani scored a great goal! He proves why he is considered one of the best. Even Fred scored today!
For a person who first came to England and does not know English, cannot be with his family all the time, it is definitely hard here.
And, of course, leaving the team is one of the options that hang over him. Fingers crossed. But if he decides that one season here is enough for him, then we were happy to see such a player in Manchester United, “Solskjaer said at a press conference. Learn more about the 1xbet bookmaker on our website.