Solskjaer suggested that Man Utd’s play at home 1xBet was influenced by the color of the uniforms and the stands: “The players reported seeing a red jersey on a red background.”

Manchester United head coach Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer said the team’s volatile performance at home this season was due to the stands and red banners at Old Trafford 1xbet.

The players reported seeing a red jersey on a red background

“You will see changes soon. If you look at the banners now, you will see that they are no longer red. We have studied the issue OnexBet.

There really shouldn’t be any reason for this, but some players have noted that when you make a decision in a split second and look over your shoulder to see your partner, you see a red jersey on a red background with red seats.

So we tried to change that. It was important that the background was no longer red, ”said the coach.

The Mancunians have won 8 of 15 home games this season in the Premier League , losing 4. In 16 away games Manchester United have won 10 wins without losing a single game.

After replacing banners, Manchester United played one home game with Brighton (2: 1).

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