South Korea — Honduras match forecast

In Group B, all four teams have three points each after two rounds. Who will manage to score three points in the upcoming game, guaranteeing access to the quarterfinals of the Olympics? Our prediction: Asians will be closer to success! Look for detailed information at download 1xbet app

The South Korean national team brought a very interesting line-up to the Olympics, but already on the first day of the game it managed to make life difficult for itself, losing to the New Zealand national team – 0: 1, while Kim Hak Böm’s wards had a colossal playing superiority. Fortunately, everything that the Asians did not score in the first game, they sent to the gates of the poor Romanians, defeating them – 4: 0. This success not only brought the South Koreans three points, but also created a comfortable “+3” goal difference, which is especially important given the density that after two rounds formed in Group B, where all the teams have three points each.

The Honduras national team found itself in a similar situation, which in the first match against Romania had a huge playing advantage, did not allow the opponent to attack their own goal, but after a corner Elvin Olivia issued an own goal, which led to the final defeat – 0: 1. This failure did not break the “blue-whites”, who entered the game with New Zealand with a good mood, although during the confrontation they had to recoup twice, they coped with this task, and in the 87th minute they snatched victory at all – 3: 2, which allows them to seriously count on getting out of the group.

Throughout their history, the national team of South Korea and Honduras held two personal meetings between themselves at the Olympics. In 2008, in Beijing, the South Korean footballers celebrated the victory at the group stage – 1: 0, and in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, the representatives of Honduras were stronger in the quarterfinals of the Games – 1: 0.

Even before the start of the football tournament at the Olympics, it was clear that Group B is the smoothest quartet, where there is not a single star team at all, and everyone has a chance to make the playoffs. Nevertheless, against this background, the South Korean national team stood out slightly, which has a number of outstanding performers in its composition, and they also play on their continent. After the defeat in the first game, Kim Hak Böhm’s wards proved why they were considered the favorites of the group, defeating Romania – 4: 0. And now their chances of success are seen much more clearly than those of Honduras, so a bet on the victory of the South Korean national team with a coefficient of about 1.80 suggests itself.

It is unlikely that we will see a scoring feast in the upcoming battle. The South Korean national team is the favorite of the confrontation, while in the second round they have already defeated Romania, thus creating a comfortable groundwork for the goal difference, so in theory, even a draw will be enough for them to go further. Of course, in such a situation, the Asians will not take risks and climb with all their might in the attack, it is much more profitable to play cautiously from defense. The Honduras national team does not have such a powerful attack to create serious obstacles to the South Koreans, so the best option for forecasting is a total of less than 2.5 goals with a coefficient of about 1.80.

The situation in Group B is now extremely interesting, since after two rounds, all four teams have three points in their assets. Of course, in such a situation, no one will force events in order to prevent a mistake, which may turn out to be fatal. Yes, now the tournament position is a little more comfortable for South Korea, which will have enough draw, but one goal will be enough for Honduras to win – 1: 0, having issued an exit to the quarterfinals of the Games. That is why in the opening of the game we will hardly see any scoring activity from the opponents, but in the end the time will come for risky decisions. In such a situation, it is worth taking a closer look at the rate on the fact that the effectiveness of the second half will be higher than the first with a coefficient of about 2.10.

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