The forecast of Grenada — Qatar in the framework of the Gold Cup


Grenada showed its “class” at the start of the Gold Cup when they lost 0-4 to Honduras. Findlay’s wards fought back most of the match, but the islanders did not have enough for the very end of the meeting – they conceded 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of the meeting .. However, Qatar is higher than their previous rival by the level of organization, so here again you will not envy the outsider of Quartet D – to fight back again and gain experience by stuffing bumps.


Qatar Sanchez is taking part in the Gold Cup this season. Although last year the hosts of the 2022 World Cup played at the Cop as invited guests. The champions of Asia 2019 are distinguished by excellent technical equipment, they are physically well prepared in style, trying to copy Barcelona with its ability to hold the ball. This style is not surprising, because the Qatar mentor, under the patronage of Xavi, got from the Academy of the Catalans straight to the main mentors of the future participants in the home World Cup. Over the past 3 years, under him, the national team has abandoned naturalized players and made a bet on the 3 base clubs of Qatar – all the players of the national team from Al Duhail. Al Sadda and Al Garafa. That helps teamwork and play. In the first match of the tournament, Qatar had a 3-3 shootout with the Panamanians, although they were leading three times in a row. With Grenada, there should be no such intrigue.


The teams have never crossed paths before. It is worth noting that Qatar is deservedly the clear favorite in the match. The Asians are of a higher class, they play much more intensively, while the majority of the players of the Grenada national team from the local championship, where they can only dream of such intensity and pace of play, I see no obstacle for the ITB favorite. Well, if 3 Panamanians have rolled, then such an opponent can even more be shipped. Read more at 1xbet download.



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