The forecast of the Martinique — Haiti match at the Gold Cup.


Martinique is rightfully the underdog in this fight. In none of their matches in the tournament, the islanders were able to impose a fight on either the Canadians or the Americans. Riviera scored a goal in every match, but it was a Pyrrhic success, because the Martinikians conceded 5 on average per match. So with Haiti, nothing good awaits them with such a defense. As I already wrote, they are too dumped in the center, exposing the edges to the impossibility, and Haiti should take advantage of that.


The results are the same for Jean Jacques Pierre’s charges – 2 defeats in 2 starting matches and goodbye to the hopes for software, but the quality of the game is completely different. And in the match with the Americans (0-1), and in the match with Canada tonight (1-4), the Haitians pressed their opponents. Only a weak realization of chances and a loss of concentration in defense led to such a result, but in terms of the quality of the game, they look much better than Martinique.


7 years ago, Haiti beat Martinique 3-0. Approximately this alignment has survived to this day. The Haitians look like a more organized national team, with experienced European footballers like Nazon and Pierrot who have shown themselves in Belgium recently, while they were the creators of the team’s greatest success not so long ago – 4th place in the Gold Cup 2 years back. Martinique, with such a quality of defense, imbalance and pace, is unlikely to be able to avoid a third defeat in the group. In the classroom here, Haiti should take its own. For more information and up-to-date match odds, see 1xbet app download

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