The forecast of the match Aldosivi — Atletico Tucuman in the Super League of Argentina


Aldosivi – as recently as last season, Martin Palermo’s charges – were bringing in more or less good performances: occasionally, but still could afford a sensational win against the giants. At the moment – the club has lost most of its promising players, and the new ones – have not yet had time to adjust to their coach’s vision of the game, which is why the club has topped the bottom of the table.

Atletico Tucumán

Atletico Tucumán is a fairly good and more or less distinguished team from Argentina, which as a result of the same number of games as its arch-rivals (7), has accumulated to its credit – 13 points. Remarkably, the team is still going without a single loss in all these matches, and in the most extreme one, they beat the giants in the form of Himnasia and Esgrim by a score of (2-0).

Match statistics

About 11 months ago, these clubs played out their most current head-to-head battle. This encounter took place on Matchday 6 of last season, at home to Atletico Tucumán and as a result, the battle ended in a 2-2 draw for both sides. Two years earlier, the boys had also crossed paths at home to Aldosivi and there – he took the win (3-0).

Prediction and bet on the match Aldosivi – Atletico Tucumán. Outcome cf. 1,78

In a match of this echelon, I will still stick to the position that in 2022, the guys from the team “Aldosivi” – are not able to provide competition of any level, the other grandees of the championship. Today, this squad got themselves an opponent of a club that is in full competition with the leaders and to this day – continues to move without a single loss, so I will give a Fora 2 (0).

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