The Premier League will introduce a charter of club owners to prevent the creation of new “European super leagues”.”

Acting ahead of the curve

The English Premier League introduces a new document – the charter of the owners of football clubs. Thus, she wants to protect herself in the future from new attempts to create alternative championships 1xBet.

super league

Club owners must subscribe to the “guidelines” of the competition. Violation of these principles will result in tough sanctions.

The Premier League insists that the events of the past two weeks “have called into question the foundations and determination of English football.”

Additional rules and regulations will protect the principles of Premier League and open competition, and the new owners’ charter must be signed by all club owners. He will oblige them to comply with the basic principles of the Premier League. For violation of these rules and the charter, sanctions will be applied, ”the Premier League said in a statement.

Six Premier League teams, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool, announced on 18 April that they are joining a new continental competition called the European Super League. Due to intense pressure, all six of them abandoned the new competition within 48 hours.

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