Turkey vs Faroe Islands match forecast for the League of Nations

June 4 in Istanbul at the stadium “im. Fatiha Terima” the Turkish team will play against the team of the Faroe Islands in the first round of the Nations League 2022 Division C group 1.


The “Janissaries” failed the last draw of the League of Nations and dropped in the box office. In the same company with Serbia, Hungary and Russia, they finished last with six points in six games.

The Turkish team did much better in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, finishing second in the group, only two points behind the Netherlands.

This position allowed the Turks to participate in the play-off. And already at the semi-final stage, they lost to Portugal with a score of 1:3 and could not get into the final part of the Mundial.

In addition to the game with the Portuguese, Turkey also played one friendly match this year, losing at home to the Italian team with a score of 2:3.

Faroe islands

The national team of the Faroe Islands on the second attempt was able to rise in the class – from division D to division C. In the last company with Latvia, Malta and Andorra, it became the first.

The qualifying round for the world forum in Qatar, the islanders expectedly had a poor performance, because the rivals were much higher level. They scored only four points in ten meetings, earning them only in fights with Moldova – 2:1 and 1:1.

The team lost the remaining eight qualifying matches with a total score of 4:22. And among the rivals were the teams of Israel, Austria, Scotland and Denmark.

This calendar year, the “fishermen” have not held official matches yet, having played only two tovarnyaks. In them, they first played 0:0 with Gibraltar, and then beat Liechtenstein 1:0.

It is worth noting that these teams have not yet met each other. And this fight will be the first in their confrontation.

Forecast and bet on Turkey – Faroe Islands

In this fight, 1xbet download app give tangible preference to the hosts. Turkey is offered to win – 1.12.

For the victory of the Faroe Islands they give – 25.00, a draw is valued – at 8.80.

The level of these teams is incomparable, the Turks are two heads superior to their upcoming opponent. In general, if the hosts properly insist on a duel, then the islanders cannot avoid a major fiasco.

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