We predict the match Honduras — Qatar


Honduras was able to voluntarily beat Panama 3-2, thanks to a double by Manu Ryoto, and at the same time, Koito’s wards secured a place in the Playoff. After 4-0 with Grenada, they had 2 wins in 2 matches. Naturally, the game in defense leaves much to be desired, if they conceded 2 from Panama, then it will be much more difficult to defend against the technical and fast Qatarians. In addition, Honduras may well afford to relax.


7 goals in 2 matches at the Gold Cup is far from the limit for Qatar. In the second half of the match with Grenada, the champions of Asia, in fact, were resting and rolling in combinations, and were not engaged in stuffing statistics on an outsider. The 4-0 win brought Sanchez’s men closer to the PO, but now they must not lose to Honduras. It is unlikely that the Asians will change their attacking style, especially since Afif and Al Moyoz in each match on the edge of a goal in their own account. Qatar also has very active fangs, which is quite natural with a 3-5-2 scheme. They seem to me to be the favorites of the upcoming fight.


Previously, the teams did not overlap with each other. ITB Qatar is based on several fundamental factors. The weakness of Honduras’ defense is one of them. Against the high speeds and intense play of the opponent, they start to get lost, while Qatar’s attack in the tournament shows that it is in perfect order. Under Sanchez, the hosts of the World Cup 2022 love to play in complete control of the ball, show excellent speeds, so I don’t see any chances for Honduras to stay dry – the motivation is also on the side of the Asians – they have not officially knocked out a place for themselves in the software. Detailed information on 1xbet mobile app

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