What is the difference between 1xBet and 1xstavka

Recently, the difference between the full versions of the official sites 1xBet and 1xstavka has been minimized, so more and more people are wondering what is the difference between 1xBet and 1xstavka. Despite the proximity of the two companies, there are still some differences.

Legal differences between 1xstavka and 1xBet

Many internet users mistakenly believe that 1xBet and 1xstavka are one and the same. It does not. The similarity of interfaces and functionality, as well as the intersection in the names, of course, hint at the closeness of the two brands, but in the legislative plane everything is clear: these are two different companies.


1xBet bookmaker is a Russian bookmaker operating in the international sports betting market. The company has a number of international licenses, it is known in the European and Asian markets. The company’s activities in India aren’t banned.


Bookmaker 1xStavka is a Russian bookmaker operating in the domestic Russian market of interactive bets. The company is licensed by the Federal Tax Service, cooperates with TsUPIS and makes all deductions established in accordance with the law in favor of the state.

Conclusions and differences

Conclusion: 1xBet differs from 1Stavka primarily in that it is officially banned in Russia, but in India both bookmakers work without problems.

difference between 1xBet and 1xStavka
What is the difference between 1xBet and 1xStavka

Differences in functionality

Bookmakers differ not only in that 1xStavka works legally in Russia. Working with sites are two big differences.

1xBet has more options for accessing bets than in any other Russian bookmaker, offering, in addition to standard applications for iOS and Android, also a client for PC. However, 1xBet adds to all the above and its own browser, which allows you to bypass the blockade in Russia, as well as the ability to place bets via Telegram. There are a number of other differences, given the peculiarities of Russian law:

  • There are no casinos, slots, bingo and card games in 1xBet;
  • Many bonuses are not available in 1xBet;
  • 1xstavka has fewer options for depositing / withdrawing funds;
  • No tote.

The difference in line and coefficients

Types of bets

Despite the fact that 1xBet offers the widest selection of sports in Russia and more, 1xbet is head and shoulders above its legal counterpart. The 1xbet mirror includes bets on many computer games, rooster fights, a football exchange, as well as numerous video games, board games and a casino.

The difference is less noticeable in the line and the coefficients. A comparison of the football line gives the following results: the number of matches is almost the same (1293 “Bet” – 1298 “Bet”) the number of options is almost identical. In the example of one match, you can see that the difference in the number of options and the size of the odds on the images taken at the same time differs in favor of 1xBet. But the difference is too small to make a hasty choice.


Bookmaker 1xstavka offers a welcome bonus at registration in the amount of 4000 rubles. In turn, 1xbet already gives 100 euros. The difference is almost 4 thousand rubles. However, you only need to buy at the urging of 1xbet and download their client to a PC or browser, as a bonus is reduced to 5,000 rubles. Where almost 3 thousand rubles go is a mystery.

There are a number of other bonuses and promotions on the 1xBet website that are not available in the licensed version – Battle of the Express, Lucky Day, Happy Friday, VIP Cashback, Battle of Coupons and much more. The only thing that brings the two companies together in this aspect is the high level of complexity of withdrawing bonuses to the real account.

Methods of payment and withdrawal

It is logical that licensed in Russia 1xStavka focuses on common payment services in our country. Visa / Mastercard and MIR cards, Qiwi, Webmoney, J.Money, Moneta.ru e-wallets, TsUPIS wallet, as well as payments through mobile operators, payment terminals and Internet banks are accepted to replenish the account. Withdrawals are made through bank cards and e-wallets.

From this point of view, 1xBet offers much more opportunities. The bookmaker alone offers about 90 ways to withdraw money. And there are more than a hundred ways to replenish the account.

So where to play?

Given the above points, we can conclude that 1xstavka is a lightweight version of 1xbet, which is aimed exclusively at Russian players. In terms of functionality and service package 1xstavka is noticeably inferior for obvious reasons, otherwise the sites of the two bookmakers are identical. However, there is a lack of legal guarantees in 1xBet and periodic complaints about the right to cut maximums and close accounts. It is convenient to track such signals from players, thanks to our rating of bookmakers.

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