Where and who will be the next great English coaches?

Alex Neal, Norwich. 33 years

Scotsman Neil is the second youngest coach in the Football League. He is also a former team-mate of James McCarthy and James MacArthur, who have successfully pursued their Premier League careers since leaving Wigan.

It is no coincidence that Alex is considered a legend of the Scottish football club Hamilton. The central midfielder was renowned for his intransigence on the pitch and undoubted authority in the locker room, because the club management boldly gave him the role of playing manager in April 2013. It turned out that Neil can offer not only a loud voice, but also a well-working head. A year later, Hamilton was promoted to the elite division, and during the next season Norwich turned to the services of a young mentor 1xbet download.

“The Canaries” took, at first glance, an incomprehensible move – the new manager did not stand out for either experience, name or involvement with the club in the past. For the players, the appointment came as a shock, but Neil, realizing their misunderstanding, instantly organized a team meeting, where he clearly explained what principles his players should follow. There was enough honesty: within a couple of weeks, the Scot completely changed the training process, cuisine and general training regimes, but the players did not find any problem in this. In the first fifteen games under the leadership of Neil, “Norwich” won ten victories, and now has already guaranteed himself a place in the playoffs of the Championship. It is possible that the 33-year-old coach will become a sensation (at least by the fact of his appearance) in the Premier League next year.

Sean Deitch, Burnley. 43 years

Glorified at the level of the Championship “red-haired Mourinho”, Sean Deich managed to impress the audience of the elite division. Yes, his “Burnley” is likely to drop in class, but the club with the most modest budget and almost no purchases last summer, many confidently took on the role of “second favorite team”. Despite the modest possibilities, the “burgundy” confidently fight in every fight, follow the instructions of the managers and, in fact, demonstrate very solid football.

Daich’s recruitment to the England squad has been actively trending during the current season – despite its premature, it makes sense in the long run. Positive thinking, class in behavior and a desire for knowledge distinguish Burnley’s mentor, who, in fact, worked his miracle last year. Burnley had one of the smallest budgets in their division but made direct promotion to the elite.

Even leaving the Premier League will allow the club to make huge money, and the successful fights with Chelsea and Manchester City will remain in the memory of fans for a long time. Another thing is that it will not be easy now to keep Daich, who is less and less often called “red-haired Mourinho” – their teams are on different edges of the table, but Sean has done enough to earn his own name in English football.

Harry Monk, Swansea. 36 years

Experts are confident that Jose Mourinho and Alan Pardue will compete for the award for the best manager of the season, but some of them also believe that the real winner works in the less visible Swansea. Last season, Harry Monk started as a player and the current captain of the “Swans” – he lost a place in the first team long ago, but his ex-defense partner Ashley Williams wore an armband only as a second number.

Some fans, warmly related to Monk, who played in the club’s shirt for ten years, openly feared his appointment as a temporary worker after the departure of Mikael Laudrup. Monk, who had a coaching license, threw himself from the ship to the ball and risked ruining his reputation with his first job, but suddenly succeeded. Swansea remained in the Premier League, but a new challenge followed – during their first full year as manager.

What do we have at the moment? With four rounds to go, Swansea are eighth in the table (their highest in Premier League history) and already have 50 points – their highest in Premier League history. Monk managed to successfully change the tactics of the team, and he demonstrated his readiness for transformation during the season. No worse than Harry performed in the transfer market, where he turned over the excellent transfers of Gulfi Sigurdsson and Jack Cork. Monk is calm and confident in himself, and also well educated – the lessons of the former mentors of the “swans” Martinez and Rogers did not pass mimio, but Monk also compares favorably with them in his ability to look wider than his favorite philosophy. The game of the current “Swansea”, capable of acting both with the ball and with the opponent, confirms this.

Tim Sherwood, Aston Villa. 46 years old

The name of Villa’s current manager stands out on this list. Firstly, Sherwood is already 46 years old, despite the fact that his career as a head coach began only a year and a half ago. Secondly, Tim’s name is simply much more famous: although Sherwood had only three matches in the England national team, he was the captain of Blackburn, which won the Premier League in ’95.

The latter, at least, confirms his leadership qualities and ability to work with top players – if six months at Tottenham were not a sufficient argument. In London, where Sherwood had previously worked with the youth department, he was not allowed to reveal his full height, but he was given a chance, which eventually became the reason for an invitation to Aston Villa. Now the Birminghamians, under his leadership, have made their way to the FA Cup final, and have completely changed their game towards a bold attacking football, which should allow them to maintain their place in the elite.

Sherwood still has a lot to prove, but his passion for attack, positive attitude and rare emotionality make Tim one of the most popular managers in the Premier League. In the future, Sherwood is easy to see at the helm of the national team: for some reason it seems that just such a person – who also knows how to work with young people and trust them – the British lacked for a long time. Sherwood definitely allows the players on the field to express themselves without fear of making a mistake. Take a look at Jack Grealish.

Eddie Howe, Bournemouth. 37 years

The most talked about man of the ending season outside of the Premier League. Eddie Howe has long been a real star in the lower divisions, but the coming months will elevate him to the rank of national star – before us is a coach who, by the age of 37, has earned the award for “best manager of the Football League” for a whole decade.

The story of the modest “Bournemouth”, who over the course of seven years has gone from an outsider (close to the administration) of League Two to a Premier League team, is retelling literally every day and, despite the obvious successes of club management, the main character of the story is unchanged. Howe took over the team at 31, having said goodbye to football due to injury, and only briefly left the city since then – his period at Burnley was successful, if only because of the signing of Charlie Austin to the team.

Howe returned to town due to the death of his mother and has since made a firm promise not to leave the club. It was simply not interesting to him: Eddie considered it necessary to go through the path to the Premier League with the team, to which he also gave three years of his playing career. Howe does not dream of ambition in words, does not act as a football philosopher and does not try to complicate the game at all. His team works a lot with the ball and wins a lot, so he is sure that at the highest level of English football, “Bournemouth” will not get lost – moving through the divisions, Howe did not change himself, regularly succeeding. Why does something have to go wrong now?

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