Who will win Euro 2020: Prediction and bet on the winner of the European Football Championship

From June 11 to July 11, the European Football Championship 2020 will take place in twelve countries. We bring to your attention the forecast regarding the winner of this tournament 1xbet download.


Very soon, the strongest footballers in Europe will determine which team is the best on the continent. This can only be hindered by the creation of the Super League. However, I do not even want to think about the possible cancellation of the European Championship.

In total, 24 teams will take part in the final stage of Euro 2020. There have never been so many participants. The national teams of France, Germany, Belgium, England, Spain and Portugal are considered the traditional favorites.

We believe (and the bookmakers agree with us) that the main battle will be between the French, the British and the Belgians. In 2021, it was these teams that had the most powerful teams by name.

Statistics and facts:

The Portugal national team is the reigning European Championship winner;
Germany and Spain won the Euro more often than others – 3 times each;
For the first time, the European Championship will be held in 12 countries at once;
The USSR national team was the first winner of the European Championship;
Three of the last four Euro finals have ended 1-0.


Bookmakers 1xBet rightly consider three national teams to be favorites: France, England and Belgium. The same coefficient is offered for their victory – 7. We have a clear feeling that the situation twenty years ago should repeat itself. Remember when the French national team first became world champion in 1998 and then won Euro 2000? Now the situation is as similar as possible. The French are in the top and they, unlike England and Belgium, have a winning spirit. We read that France will win Euro 2020.

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