Willian will save Arsenal a huge amount of money after he decides to “break” the contract

Willian will leave Arsenal – inside from Sky Sports journalist Kave Solhekola. According to him, the Brazilian even agreed to terminate the contract in order to save the club 20 million euros. That is how much Willian could have gotten in the two remaining years at Arsenal. More info at 1xbet app download for android.

According to Isider, the midfielder simply showed nobility: he admitted that his career at Arsenal was unsuccessful, and did not want to receive a salary just like that. What is his motivation? Willian risked being left without football for a while, because there were no prospects at Arsenal, and there was only one challenger (of those that suited Willian) – Corinthians, who did not pull the transfer compensation and could only accept the player for free.

The story is beautiful: Willian returns to the club where he came as a 10-year-old boy – he spent nine years there and moved to Shakhtar.

Insider Nicolo Schira also revealed the details of the contract that the midfielder will soon sign: calculated until 2023, the salary is 70% lower than at Arsenal (in London, Willian received 240 thousand pounds a week).

On Thursday, the departure of the Brazilian was confirmed by Mikel Arteta. “We held talks with the footballer and his agent. Now they are choosing options, ”- said the Spanish specialist Sky Sports.

On the pitch, Arsenal have not yet managed to solve problems so masterly: zero points, the same number of goals scored and the last place after three rounds.

Willian hasn’t played in the 2021/22 Premier League yet – only came out in a couple of pre-season matches (against Hibernian and Rangers) and attracted attention not with an excellent game, but with poor physical shape. Many have paid attention to the excess weight that the Brazilian has after the vacation.

On Twitter, he was immediately compared to Eden Hazard, and fans sneered at Willian’s request – he dreamed of a summer return to Chelsea. The champions of the Champions League from the Brazilian, as expected, refused.

The seasoned midfielder played 37 games last season, scoring 1 goal and making 7 assists.

And here is the opinion on the Brazilian from the main Arsenal fan on Sports.ru Vadim Lukomsky:

“Even before Willian came, Arsenal had a selection of expensive attacking players who were difficult to place in optimal positions. Ozil, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette. Willian is just another piece of this strange puzzle.

Yes, many of those named, despite the price tag, lost to competitors for a place in the squad, this contributed to the powerful play of the young (for example, Saka and Smith-Row). Arteta at a certain point stopped artificially shoving stars into the lineup and just put the best ones.

Willian was definitely not one of them. If we talk about purely football qualities, then he lacked the last pass and intelligence to play the top ten; discipline and speed – to play a winger. His set of qualities was really hard to combine with those of other attacking players. Perhaps the man who finally nailed him to the bench was Emil Smith-Rowe. It is developing rapidly and took the tenth issue for itself in the summer. After the arrival of Edegor, Willian is far from the start. ”

There are also non-football reasons for the breakup. The signing of an aged illiquid gambler with a high salary raised eyebrows, even if Willian was a better fit. Willian’s agent is Kia Jurabchian (a close friend of Arsenal’s technical director Edu) and it was very embarrassing. ”

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